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Lunar Energy

Lunar Zodiac Signs

As a child I was always gazing into the nights sky in wonderment and awe at all the pretty lights above, wondering, where did they all come from? Who turns them off in the day time? As I grew older, I learnt about the stars, the planets and our amazing universe. A topic which greatly …


Manifesting with Crystals

Throughout history, rituals have served as links to our ethnicity, religion and ancestral traditions, but rituals can also be created, expressed and practiced as a way to connect and develop our own personal identity. For me, ritual is a spiritual anchor. The most potent ritual is one which holds personal significance for you. My personal …

about us

About Us

Hi everyone, welcome to Over the past few years I have been researching “The Law of Attraction” and how to manifest the life of your dreams. There are many websites and products available, all with different ideas and suggestions of what you must do in order to achieve this, which can leave you feeling …