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essential oils

Aromatherapy Oils for SelfCare

What are the Health Benefits of Aromatherapy Essential Oils? Today, there is a growing interest in the use of essential oils for self care. We want to take ownership of the state of our health, and with the increase in stress and anxiety related issues, complementary approaches are providing an appealing option to support a …


How to Magically Manifest your Dream Life

What is Manifesting Manifesting is in essence, setting intentions. It is putting a clear, concise idea of what you want into your head. You may have ideas floating around of what you wish for in life, or even what you don’t, but you have yet to create a clear focus. Recognizing that you are a …

Lunar Energy

What is The Man in The Moon?

When I was a young girl !….. Since I can remember, the moon has always fascinated me. I grew up in a small village in Hertfordshire, England in the Northern Hemisphere. I would spend most nights gazing up at the sky, mesmerized by this huge, Irredecant ball of light. Within the ball I could make …

Lunar Energy

Working Magic with the moon

All about the Moon phases for magic The phases of the moon are dedicated to working with various energies, the Waxing moon to create, the Full moon to complete, the Waning moon to relinquish and the Dark of the New moon to readjust. Before actioning your moon work, ask yourself these questions…. Do you truly …

Lunar Energy

The 8 phases of the moon

Hi everyone. Today I am going to write about the 8 phases of the moon. Gaining wisdom of the moon can fuel a personal journey of self-discovery, inner work, and soul healing. Connecting with your crystals is an important part of developing this skill and pushing further into the cosmic energy of who you are …

essential oils

Uses of essential oils for Health

Introduction Plants are Magic! Plants are magic!! They clear our air, fortify our soil, give us oxygen to breathe, but also they heal our ailments. Essential oils are exstracted from plants by distilling their essences into oil. These oils give us direct access to the healing power of plants. Essential oils give us the ability …

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