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How to Raise your Vibrations with Music?

Music is a powerful, vibrational energy. The question of how to raise your vibrations with music is quite simple, you choose your song, press play, sit back and listen. I find that this is the fastest, most effective method to reach high vibrational frequencies, that actually works! Music has been in my life for as …


Subtle Energy Bodies Explained

The Seven Layers of the Aura 1) The Etheric layer – This is the closest to the body extending around 2″ from the body. It is light gray to violet in colour. Connected to the base chakra. 2) The Emotional layer – Directly outside the etheric layer, 1-3″ from the body. This layer holds emotions, feelings, sensitivity, …


Aura Protection Excercise

An aura is the manifestation of light and color that emanates from all living things. It is the energy that connects us throughout the universe. Auras are linked to our chakra system, the energy centers that are a huge rainbow part of our etheric bodies. Auras can tell us a lot about someone. We can …


Human Aura Color Meanings

Everywhere we go, we perceive other peoples energy in the auric field. The aura is a vibrant colorful energy that flows around all living things. Learning to read auras and understanding their colors can fine tune your intuition. You are already communicating telepathically with others through the auric field. Anyone has the ability to read …

Lunar Energy

What is a Waning Crescent?

The Waning Crescent moon is the very last phase of the Luna cycle, where the light of the moon appears to be getting smaller and smaller. It is a time to destroy what is stagnant and no longer serves you. A time when things can be cast away, let go of and released. It is …


How to find your Aura color

What is your Aura color One of the biggest questions when it comes to the Aura is how to find your aura color. Your aura is full of colors that can change throughout the day based on your mod and energy levels. Even though your aura can change color from minute to minute, we are …


What is an Aura Cleansing?

    Cleansing and Healing your Aura ill pickup energy from other people and environments over time. Your aura is a direct reflection of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Nothing can be hidden from your aura, it is all there. Aura protection is important, even with your best efforts, you will pick up energy …

a picture of a black figure with colors representing the aura

What is the Definition of Aura

What is the Definition of Aura Humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects all have an aura. So, what is the definition of aura? An aura is an energetic, electromagnetic field, or atmosphere that surrounds all things. The human aura is an energy field, seen as a luminous body of colours around your physical body. Imagine …


How to use Crystals for Healing

Crystals as an Alternative to Medicine Many crystals are considered to help particular physical and psychological conditions. The associations are sometimes linked to ancient healing traditions or to more modern use of crystal healing practices. The use of crystals to soothe the mind is also another ancient practice. Thousands of years ago, in India, particular …

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