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spiritual journey

What is my psychic ability

Everyone has natural intuitive ability, so it’s not a question of whether you have it or not – it’s a question of how open you are to using it. People who focus on developing their psychic awareness on a daily basis develop their abilities faster and become more spiritually aware. This in turn increases their …


what is the meaning of dreamcatchers

The Legend of the Ojibwa People To understand what a dream catcher does, you have to first learn about their origin. The meaning of dream catchers and the beliefs surrounding their construction originate from Native American cultures. The dream catchers were an important part of their life. Native Americans believe that the night air is …

zodiac signs

why dont i act like my zodiac sign

Astrology can reveal a lot about your personality and the reasons that you act the way that you do. Most people will only be aware of their sun sign, this being your zodiac star sign. The sun sign is only one element of your natal birth chart. Other considerations are the placement of the planets …