Here at mooncrystalmanifestation we are dedicated to assisting you on the path to your spiritual journey.

My name is Crystalwebs. Back in 2011, I grew a passion for crafting dreamcatchers. I began a small business which I still run today, offering personalised dreamcatchers for all occasions. Whilst making dreamcatchers, I began to develop my magical abilities and my gift of clairsentience.

I started a crystal collection and began to read about the healing benefits these powerful stones possess.

At mooncrystalmanifestation, I have created a library of information in all things spiritual from reading auras to blending herbs and oils for magic spells.

As you read through the different articles see if you get a feel for a particular element which you would like to strengthen. I teach self love and offer many insights into our life purpose and how to heal our soul, mind and body using nature’s tools.

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Mystical Occasions

Amethyst heart

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Amethyst is a popular choice if starting a crystal collection. It is known to help develop your intuitive abilities and can be used to unblock and open the third eye chakra.

Amethyst is a powerful protection crystal making it an ideal gift for anyone who practices spells  and rituals.

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