Here at mooncrystalmanifestation we are dedicated to assisting you on the path to your spiritual journey.

My name is Crystalwebs. Back in 2011, I grew a passion for crafting dreamcatchers. I began a small business which I still run today, offering personalised dreamcatchers for all occasions. Whilst making dreamcatchers, I began to develop my magical abilities and my gift of clairsentience.

I started a crystal collection and began to read about the healing benefits these powerful stones possess.

At mooncrystalmanifestation, I have created a library of information in all things spiritual from reading auras to blending herbs and oils for magic spells.

As you read through the different articles see if you get a feel for a particular element which you would like to strengthen. I teach self love and offer many insights into our life purpose and how to heal our soul, mind and body using nature’s tools.

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Mystical Occasions

Chakra roller blends gift set

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Take home this set of 7 chakra roller blends today to cleanse and heal you subtle body chakra system.

Each of the 7 chakras which are like spinning wheels running through the centre of our bodies, focus on a different aspect of our being. These energy wheels can become blocked when we are confronted with negative emotions or experiences, or when our physical or mental health is upset.

 It has long been believed that the powerful combination of essential oils and crystals, when applied to your body, can help to unblock your chakra system.

Root chakra -

Sacral chakra-.

Solar plexus chakra-.

Heart chakra -

Throat chakra -

Third eye chakra-.

Crown chakra-

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