Different types of crystals

In mineralogy, the many types of crystals are classified into groups, according to their chemical composition. In crystal healing, the main group is quartz crystal, which are silicates.

Quartz is found in almost every geological environment in the earths crust.

Other crystal groups include, oxides, which form the compound corundum. These are mostly rubies and sapphires. Sulfides, such as pyrite belong to another group. Mineraloids, which form glass like textured crystals and finally organic minerals, which are plant or animal originated crystals such as amber.

I have formulated a detailed a to z of crystals for your reference, to help your gain a clearer insight into the benefits of each individual crystal. This will be useful when shopping for crystals for a new collection, or if your need a certain crystal for a ritual, or if your are just interested in familiarizing yourself with the vast variety of crystal stones available.

A to z of crystals



Color: Blue-Green

Chakra:Throat and heart


Properties: A crystal of courage and truth, amazonite allows your to speak your truth with communication from the heart. It is believed to reduce symptoms of anxiety and neutralize negative thoughts and emotions. Amazonite is an excellent stone for manifesting as it draws forth your intentions in a clear, consice manner. Known to balance your feminine and masculine sides of your personality. Amazonite also encourages overall good health. This crystal also has the ability to block electromagnetic emanations from mobile devices and computers. Place a piece on your desk or bedside for its full benefits.


Color: Orange

Chakra: Solar plexus


Properties: Amber is not actually a crystal, but a fossilized resin from ancient coniferous trees from the Baltic region. It is known to transmute negative energy into positive. With its warmth and comforting feelings, amber aids in drawing out your inner most feelings, encouraging your to stay calm and relaxed. Amber is also a useful crystal to quell feelings of anxiety, and promotes courage. In recent times, amber is used for infants teething rings and is often used for eliminating headaches caused by stress.


Color: Purple and yellow

Chakra: Crown and Third eye


Properties: Amethyst and citrine naturally mixed together is what makes this unique quartz crystal. This is a crystal to open the third eye chakra, bringing deep concentration and opening up psychic abilities. Ametrine helps to clear the mind of clutter and stress, calmly leaving your to focus. It brings the higher conscious into the physical realm and is excellent to use whilst meditating. Place a piece of ametrine in your teenagers room to help them get out of bed refreshed in the morning and guide them away from trouble. Also, an excellent crystal for healing hidden issues that have been locked away, enabling your to take back control of your life with a balanced outlook.


Color: Purple

Chakra: Crown and Third eye


Properties: This gentle crystal radiates peace and tranquility. From the quartz group, amethyst aids in developing your spirituality, deepens meditation and enhances creativity. It is a stone which guards against psychic attack, creating a shield of protection around the wearer. Amethyst has been known to assist in dealing with the underlying emotions attached to substance abuse, helping your to gain self-control and curb over- indulgence. A crystal which soothes, amethyst is excellent for aiding insomnia, headaches and eyestrain. Place a piece under your child s pillow to help them drift off into a peaceful sleep.


Color: Pale blue

Chakra: Crown and Third eye

Properties: Best known for communicating with angels, and developing Clairvoyance, angelite aids in clear communication. Angelite is a highly evolved celestite made of calcium sulfate, found in Peru. Angelite is a crystal of awareness and tranquility, guiding the user towards love and support from their angels. Angelite is often used by astrologers or spiritual counselors during tarot readings as it brings balanced communication. Physically, angelite is helpful in restraining overeating and assisting in healing broken bones. Place a piece of angelite under your pillow at bedtime to assist in interpreting your dreams.





Color: Blue


Properties: Apatite promotes direct communication and is a powerful crystal to help motivate. This is an excellent stone to help release past issues to move forward into the present moment. Apatite nurtures the desire in the user to be of service to the earth and to others, hence it being known as the ” humanitarian stone”. Apatite can increase one’s energy level and is extremely helpful in aiding food related illnesses. Wearing this crystal can assist your in establishing healthy eating habits. Physically it is believed that apatite can aid supporting the skeletal system and can ease pain associated with arthritis.



Color: White

Chakra: Crown

Properties: This crystal will help your to see your true authentic self. It enhances mental clarity, whilst grounding the spirit. Apophyllite will allow your to gain a deep self awareness, helping your to understand the reasons behind your behaviors, bringing your to an emotional and spiritual harmony. This crystal is excellent for stress relief. It aligns with the mind and the spirit, giving your a higher vibration frequency. The energy of apophyllite is calming, enhancing relaxation. It is believed to support the respiratory system and help allergies.



Color: Orange and brown

Chakra: Sacral and root

Properties: Aragonite nurtures a deep connection to the planet. It is a grounding crystal, inspiring an appreciation of nature. This stone is able to show the user the truth in a situation, revealing insights and acceptance to deal with the mental clutter. It centers your thoughts and emotions. Aragonite is also helpful as it boosts energy levels, both physically and mentally. It is believed to calm the nervous system and calm restlessness.



Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat and Higher heart

Properties: Aquamarine is a calming crystal which nurtures energy and inspires acceptance of yourself. Its association with the throat chakra helps your to speak from the heart, without fear of retribution. It aids in cleansing old energies instilling a sense of freshness and vitality. Aquamarine provides closure, helping your to acknowledge the past and move forward. It allows for deep meditation, opening up spiritual awareness. It is believed that aquamarine can aid in alleviating sore throats and thyroid conditions.


Color: Green

Chakra: Heart


Properties: Aventurine is useful for clearing away negative thoughts and emotions. It supports the heart chakra. Known to calm anger and upset stomach. Aventurine encourages the expression of gratitude, hope and positively, It is also used to neutralize electromagnetic stress. This is an excellent crystal to calm both the body and mind.


Color: Deep blue and indigo

Chakra: Third eye and throat

Properties: Azurite opens the door to truth. It is often referred to as the stone of heaven, due to its high vibration properties. It will clear emotional and energetic blocks to reveal the divine, deepening intuition and increasing spiritual awareness. This crystal is an excellent aid with issues surrounding communication. It is believed to aid in circulation of the blood and is beneficial for brain health.





Color: Dark green and red

Chakra: Sacral and Root

Properties: Bloodstone is a great detoxified, used to purify both the physical and emotional bodies. It is also known to be a stone of courage and sacrifice. Bloodstone offers a deep and grounding element of mysticism, drawing the spiritual and physical worlds together. This makes it a great crystal to use when manifesting. It can be revitalizing when your feel emotionally or physically drained. It is also beneficial for any blood related ailments.

Blue Lace Agate

Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat

Properties: Blue lace agate is a crystal of expression. From the quartz family, it helps the user to” find their voice” with the right words for the occasion. With this it also helps with feelings of being overwhelmed. Known for its calming attributes, blue lace agate enhances mental clarity and instill confidence with truth and power. Especially helpful if your need to do any sort of public speaking. Its peaceful vibrations create a sense of calm, allowing your to feel no pressure.



Color: Green

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Calcite is a gentle, soothing crystal which can transform anger into forgiveness and release. It can help the body to release emotional trauma and supports the immune system. Calcite encourages a deeper relationship with nature, reconnecting us to the planet and is a source of life energy. Calcite is excellent at bringing inner peace and balance to the mind and body.



Color: Orange

Chakra: Sacral and root

Properties: Carnelian is an energizing crystal, squashing doubts in order to bring confidence. It is said to make the users voice clear and powerful, alleviating any stage fright. It is great for artists to build on their creativity. Carnelian increases feelings of passion, energy and strengthens your sense of identity. It is believed that carnelian can aid in symptoms of PMS and menopause.



Color: Soft blue

Chakra: Crown and solar plexus

Properties: Celestite is known as a stone from heaven, with its comforting vibrations it helps to expand your way of thinking. Many believe that celestite can improve communication with the divine. It promotes feelings of well-being and peace. It can be used as a gateway to beyond the physical realms, particularly through dreams. Place a piece beneath your pillow before going to sleep. For physical ailments, celestite is said to improve throat and mouth disorders and also aid in detoxifying.



Color: Pale yellow, amber and orange quartz

Chakra: Solar plexus and root

Properties: Citrine is called the sun stone. It is believed to improve a business person sales talk, therefore increasing wealth. Place a piece of citrine on your desk or next to your till at work. Elevating self-esteem and confidence, citrine helps your to go far in your life. The vibration frequency of the crystal will give your a positive outlook allowing your to over come fears and achieve your goals. Citrine holds the power of the sun, which has been used to help with fatigue and depression.



Color: Green

Chakra: Heart and sacral

Properties: Chrysophase is a crystal of revitalizing energy, inspiring happiness, and true joy. It can be used to enhance personal insight, stimulate personal growth and attract abundance. This makes it an excellent stone to manifest with. Chrysophase promotes fidelity in both personal and business relationships. It is a crystal of forgiveness, softening grudges. In the physical body, chrysophase stimulates the liver to detox.


Clear Quartz

Color: Clear

Chakra: Crown

Properties: Clear quartz is incredibly versatile and has a wide range of benefits. Purification, restoration, clarity, these are just a few descriptions of the ties of clear quartz. It bathes your in powerful vibration energy, clearing away negativity effortlessly. Clear quartz can remove any blockages within the body or mind, bring back a state of balance. Use clear quartz to recharge your other crystals, its high frequency clearing them of all negative attachments. This crystal will bring your to a state of higher consciousness and awareness.






Color: Green, blue, purple,clear and brown

Chakra: Third eye and heart

Properties: This stabilizing crystal helps to quieten the chatter of the mind. It brings balance to the users inner self and helps to deal with making right decisions, clearing the path forward towards better outcomes. Fluorite is known to ward off negative energy. It disperses electromagnetic waves, such as those from mobile phones and computers. It is believed that fluorite may benefit the immune system.

Golden Topaz

Color: yellow

Chakra: Solar plexus

Properties: A rejuvenating and inspiring crystal, golden topaz enhances energy and brings beneficial aspects to relationships, steering your into a pathway for your better good. It is said to bring good fortune to those who use its energy, such as wealth and success. Inspiring creative feelings, golden topaz is en excellent crystal to alleviate exhaustion and fatigue.

Green Fluorite

Color: Green

Chakra: Throat and heart

Properties: A gentle healer, green fluorite brings subtle aid to the physical and emotional bodies, aiding balance and rest. It is said to calm the mind, quieten mental chatter and disperse negative energies. This crystal transmits and energy of encouragement and supports a strong connection between the heart and mind. Green Fluorite may be beneficial to relieve the symptoms of a low immune system.


Color: Grey/silver

Chakra: Solar plexus – root

Properties: One of the most powerful grounding stones, hematite helps to overcome feelings of anxiety. Hematite is able to absorb negative energies, known as the ” Lawyers stone”, it helps when seeking justice or dealing with matters in court. Hematite is believed to be beneficial in calming high blood pressure, combating anemia and ending excessive menstrual bleeding.


Color: White

Chakra: Crown – root

Properties: Howlite offers a wide range of benefits, from attuning the mind to the higher conscious, to alleviating mental stress and anxiety. It aids in reducing feelings of anger and calms fiery emotions. Howlite is well-known for its benefits in aiding the user to speak their truth with clear, honest communication. This crystal may aid in strengthening the teeth and bones.


Color: Blue/purple

Chakra: Third eye

Properties: Io;ite is a truly visionary crystal, with its tranquil color and gentle calmness, it is an excellent aid to spiritual guidance. This crystal also aids in personal awareness providing valuable insights into addictive or self-destructive behaviors. Its energetic frequency will free your from past obstacles or disharmony with its positive vibes. Io;ite can also aid mental clarity, creating new thought process.


Color: Green

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Jade is a healing stone. It is able to elevate all areas of your life, supporting longevity, attracting abundance, and bringing an overall balance and happiness. It is often referred to as the stone of fidelity as it can strengthen bonds between partners and families. It is also known to attract new friendships into your life. Jade has been used to increase sexual energy and re-ignite passion between lovers. Jade may also aid in remembering dreams and understanding the insight that they provide. This crystal has been known to aid in supporting the liver and spleen from disease.


Color: Red/Brick brown

Chakra: Solar plexus and heart

Properties: This easy to carve crystal was often used in carvings in ancient days. Jasper is known as a supreme nurturer, making people want to feel ” whole” again. It has the ability to support meditation, keeping your grounded and relaxed. Carry jasper to raise your self -love and give love to others. Jasper may also aid in feelings of despair and loneliness, Use it to increase sexual passion in your life and activate your imagination.




Properties: Jet is not a crystal, but a fossilized wood. In ancient days it was used to ward off evil. If your home is filled with sadness and negative energies, jet can aid in lifting and protecting from negativity and evil. It is extremely powerful, Squashing nightmares and fears. Place jet at your front and back door to ward away bad vibes from entering your home. Jet also is an amazing tool for awakening spiritual abilities, memories of past lives and will help your to access alternative dimensions.


Color: Pink/Clear

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Kunzite is used to protect the heart and enable it to release emotional blockages in a gentle way. It helps to awaken the heart after long periods of being without a relationship, which can feel challenging to trust another person. It enhances healing and meditation experiences. Kunzite brings a gentle pink radiance into a room to encourage relaxation and calm.


Color: Pale blue

Chakra: Solar plexus

Properties: Kyanite is a powerful tool in crystal healing as a conductor of energy, working like a channel to transmute negativity out of the system and allowing positive energy in. It opens up new avenues of awareness and enables deeper levels of meditation to be assessed. Kyanite is excellent to aid in letting go of old patterns and habits.



Color: Grey and iridescent

Chakra: Crown, third eye and solar plexus

Properties: Labrodite is the crystal of magic. It has the ability to strengthen your psychic abilities and raise spiritual awareness. It is a crystal which connects the realms of the scene and the unseen. Use labrodite to help create a barrier between yourself and any negative energies present. It can deflect the vibes from emotionally draining people. Labrodite is also known to enhance creativity, excitement and adventure. Crystal healers use labrodite to treat respiratory problems and promote vision.

Lapis Lazuli

Color: Deep blue speckled with gold

Chakra: Third eye and throat

Properties: This is a crystal of truth and knowledge. It will enhance your self awareness and illuminate your deepest desires. If your have difficulty with speaking out, this crystal will clear the air of stale energy making self-expression much easier. It is also said to aid in the retention of memory. As a healing crystal, lapis lazuli can aid thyroid issues and throat ailments.


Color: White/pale green

Chakra: Crown and third eye

Properties: Lepidolite is a great mood stabilizer. It is used to bring back balance to emotional mood swings and cool off anger. Particularly supportive during times of transition, lepidolite can help overcome negative attitudes and patterns. This crystal can be used when entering a new relationship and needing to leave past baggage behind. It aids in acceptance and self-respect. Also, used to alleviate symptoms of addiction withdrawals.


Color: Green

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Malachite is a crystal which can inspire change. It aids your in leaving behind old negative patterns making way for new positive ones. Malachite can aid in opening the heart chakra, hence assisting in new relationships supporting unconditional love. This crystal is also said to be beneficial to travelers journeying by airplane, by alleviating fear. Always work with polished pieces of malachite as raw crystal can be toxic.


Color: Red, yellow, brown and cream

Chakra: Solar plexus, root and sacral

Properties: Mookaite is like a motivational speaker of crystals. This rock can enhance confidence helping your to realize your true potential. It inspires new ideas and trying new ventures. Mookaite can also aid your to move on when feeling stuck in a rut. It promotes release of anxiety and stress, strengthens the immune system and leaves your feeling protected and grounded.


Color: White, beige, pale iridescent blue

Chakra: Crown and third eye

Properties: Moonstone is the stone for the traveler. It provides protection, especially at night because of its immense influence of navigating change with ease and acceptance. It also helps with transitions in life by creating a calm space. Moonstone is full of feminine energy, softening the heart and allowing energy to flow. It heightens your intuition and aids in your reaching your highest purpose. Moonstone is beneficial with fertility, menstruation and menopause symptoms.

Moss Agate

Color: Milky white, dark green with blue inclusions

Chakra: Third eye

Properties: Moss agate contains pieces of plant matter, hence is known as the gardeners stone. If you plant a piece in your vegetable or flower beds, abundance and health will be communicated into your plants. Moss agate is also known to aid in patience, peace and stability. It can bring your feelings of calm and boost your spiritual growth. Moss agate is also useful for pets. If your pet is nervous or anxious, place a piece beneath their bed to help to keep them calm.


Color: Black with white flecks

Chakra: Third eye

Properties: Onyx is used to see into the future, psychometric readings and grounding. It has long been associated with wizards and witches. When getting or giving a tarot reading, Onyx creates a protective shield whilst enhancing the psychic abilities. It is used to center your energy and align to your higher self during meditation. Onyx also heightens intuition. Meditating with onyx will guide your to your best path and remove negative energies. For physical ailments, onyx is helpful to boost the immune system and aids your body in absorbing nutrients.



Obsidian- black

Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Properties:Provides clarity, protection and self-control. Obsidian is a truth teller. It will expose your deepest being, release past traumas and lead your towards a positive state of being. This crystal can expose and illuminate past traumas, than support your in facing dark issues and resolving them. It is a grounding stone, which aids in clearing the mind of mental chatter.


Color: Green

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Brings peace, protection and prosperity. Peridot is a gentle crystal promoting personal growth. It clears emotional baggage and destructive patterns, allowing your to let go of negativity. It is used during life transitions. This crystal opens the heart and aids in dissipating hurt feelings. Peridot also is helpful to disperse jealous feelings and guilt. It is used to treat imbalances in the endocrine system and the bodies overall health system.


Color: Metallic

Chakra: Solar plexus and sacral

Properties: Pyrite protects and propels. It will shield your from negative energy and inspire your to reach your full potential. It clears the way for attracting success and increases willpower. Pyrite is an empowering mineral, enhancing the yang (masculine) energy, breeding confidence. It emits positively and also has a deep grounding effect. Used to treat colds and flu.

Pink Tourmaline

Color: Pink

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Pink tourmaline vibrates with unconditional love. It is a gentle nurturing stone offering support in times of emotional transition. Allows your to take pleasure in all aspects of love. Pink tourmaline is known to lighten feelings of compassion and empathy. It is used to aid in the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Color: Clear

Chakra: Crown

Properties: Clear quartz can do it all!! It is a great starter crystal as it is so versatile. Clear quartz transmutes negative energy bathing your and your surroundings with positive energy. It is detoxifying both physically and mentally. This crystal brings back a balanced mind set, creating a stable balanced chakra system. This crystal can aid in raising your consciousness level clearing the path for higher awareness.


Color: Pink and white

Chakra: Heart and solar plexus

Properties: A crystal of compassion, positively and love, rhodochristite is an emotional healing wonder. If your are suffering low self-esteem than this is the perfect match. It enhances feelings of love, inspiring intimacy and playfulness. This stone is great for the heart emotions. It is also used to aid respiratory ailments such as asthma.


Color: Pink and black

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Rhodonite heals all matters of the heart. Best known for its forgiveness qualities, rhodonite lifts the spirit and is also a good grounding stone. This crystal is also know to aid in uncovering passion in relationships. It can also reveal patterns of toxic behaviors in past relationships allowing the user to let go of past hurt and trauma. Use rhoodonite to alleviate menstruation symptoms and clear negative energies in the home.


Color: Pink

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Rose quartz is the crystal for love, peace and tranquility. It is the stone of love, self-love, romance and enhances all areas of the heart. Filled with the energy of tenderness and peace, rose quartz is used to soothe an aching heart, to strengthen bonds and to boost harmony in relationships. It is also known to enhance sensuality. Use rose quartz to ward of nightmares by placing a piece beneath your pillow.


Color: Red

Chakra: Root

Properties: Ruby is often used in scrying and divination, increasing abundance and known for enhancing passion and energy. The ruby is full of our solar source energy and vitality. Ruby will bring passion to your life and enthusiasm for all ventures. When used for intuitive purposes, ruby can heighten spiritual awareness and amplify talents. Motivate yourself with ruby so that your can move on without fear to success.


Color: Blue

Chakra: Third eye and throat

Properties: Sapphires are best known for channeling wisdom, haling from higher beings, increasing psychic abilities and manifestation tools. Known also as the stone of wisdom, sapphire brings spiritual insights and alignment with astrological influences. Sapphire can balance the bodies spirit allowing easy connection to your angels and spirit guides. Sapphire can aid in releasing mental suffering which is a symptom of depression.


Color: White and clear

Chakra: Crown, third eye and solar plexus

Properties: Selenite clears, calms and cleanses. This translucent crystal is often used as a lamp. Have one in your living space to aid in clearing negative energies and bringing a sense of calm to the area. It is a powerful crystal to use in meditation and can be used to clear the energies of other crystals by just placing them together. Selenite may aid insomnia symptoms .

Smoky Quartz

Color: brown

Chakra: Solar plexus, root

Properties:: Smoky quartz is a beautiful translucent crystal which vibrates with a gentle, calming frequency. It is well-known for its abilities to clear old emotional wounds and aid in achieving your hopes and desires. It can be rejuvenating and aid your in concentration. Smoky quartz is believed to calm the nervous system and shield from nightmares. Place a piece by your bedside at nighttime .


Color: Blue

Chakra: Third eye and throat

Properties: Sodalite is a stone of awakening. It offers a sense of grounding whilst opening the third eye to your psychic abilities. Sodalite encourages feelings of honesty and sense of self, allowing for personal growth. This crystal is often used by creators as it brings a positive influence when writing or inspiring truthful aspects. It can cool off anger whilst also cooling down the bodies heated temperature. Often used to aid symptoms of the flu.

Sun stone

Color: Orange

Chakra: Solar plexus and sacral

Properties: Sun stone is warm like a ray of sunshine. It is believed to aid in emotional stress, uplifting your emotions with optimism leaving your energized and joyful. This crystal also aids the user in gaining back their personal power especially around mentally draining people who suck your energy dry. Sun stone aids muscle and joint aches and pains. Place the crystal directly onto the affected area for best benefits.

Tigers Eye

Color: Brown

Chakra: Solar plexus, sacral and root

Properties: Tigers eye brings a balanced, healing feeling to place. Keep a piece of tigers eye in your pocket to alleviate mood swings. This crystal can be used to attract new business ventures and increase finance. It is believed to provide a shield against negative energy or physical and emotional attacks. Tigers eye provides a balanced effect on the bodies systems, optimizing health and well being.


Color: Blue/green

Chakra: Throat

Properties: Turquoise promotes communication, release and healing. It is known as the master healer of crystals. This crystal soothes both the physical and emotional body and enhances spiritual connection. It is also known for boosting strength and leadership skills. Use turquoise to aid when exhausted, low immune system and to detoxify the body.



Color: Clear

Chakra: Crown

Properties: Topaz is a truth crystal. It will aid in finding truth from fiction and enhance mental clarity. It also aids in situations in life where there is transition, bringing about positively and balance. Topaz is also believed to help the body to maintain the most beneficial weight, and aid in sleep and digestion.




Color: Black

Chakra: Root

Properties: Tourmaline offers powerful energy for protection, grounding and purification. It repels negative energy, creating a positive state of being. Tourmaline clears energy blocks and encourages the chakras to flow enabling your to connect to the earth through the root chakra. It brings a wonderful sense of balance and can increase psychic abilities. Tourmaline boosts vitality and the immune system.




Color: Yellow/orange/red

Chakra: Sacral and root

Properties: Zincite is a popular crystal to aid in stimulation, creativity and manifesting. It holds great grounding properties and is associated with the lower chakras. Zincite will help to heighten your intuition and tune your into your instincts. It is also believed to aid in stimulating the metabolism, helping the body to absorb nutrients and promote healthy skin, nails and hair.

This concludes my a to z of crystals. Take time to get to know the crystals and feel their energy. Choose one crystal at a time to work with. Hold it and close your eyes. Feel the energy that comes from it and write it down. Then go into my list and see what similarities there are in your intuitive insights.

Much Love

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