An aura is the manifestation of light and color that emanates from all living things. It is the energy that connects us throughout the universe. Auras are linked to our chakra system, the energy centers that are a huge rainbow part of our etheric bodies.

Auras can tell us a lot about someone. We can sense weak spots in the aura, which can suggest physical or mental illness or issues.

A great way to protect our aura is through meditation. Your mind and thoughts affect your aura so it is beneficial to regularly protect your aura from unwanted energy.

The power of visualization, is a specific technique to protect your aura. Shield visualization will protect you from the energy of other people and places where aura damage can take place.

This visualization meditation can be done at home or when you are out and about. All that’s needed is a few minutes of quiet time…

Aura protection exercise.

1) Take a seat in a quiet space and get comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few moments.

2) Visualize your aura in your minds eye. Visualize it glowing brightly in all directions.

3) From the sky, imagine a cord of bright white light beaming down to your aura.visualize this light completely enveloping every part of your body and aura.

4) In your head, ask that this protective light shield you from any unwanted energy.

5) If you work with spirits or angels, you can call upon them to help protect you also.

6) Stay in meditation, visualizing your white, protective shield of light for as long as you like.

7) As you continue through your day and come into contact with people, visualize the shield again, fully protecting you from any unwanted energies.

The more you practice this meditation, the better it will work. Once you begin doing this regularly, you will be able to throw up your auric shield without a second thought as it will come naturally, keeping you protect at all times.`

Much Love