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What is color therapy healing?

Color therapy healing, also known as chromotherapy, is an alternative treatment to heal physical and mental ailments, using color. It works by stimulating the bodies healing process by using the seven colors of the spectrum. Light is composed of colors. Along with colors, light also consists of chemical and emotional elements, as it emits heat, …


what is a stone of love

We are born ready and willing to love, but through painful experiences we learn to close our heart and retreat from connection. Love stones work by helping heal the heart from old pain and open the channels of giving and receiving so your heart is ready to be open to new love.   When there’s …

essential oils

What to do with essential oil

Applying essential oils to the skin has become increasingly popular in aromatherapy practice, bringing effective benefits through massage. The essential oils penetrate the skin layers and circulate through the body. Used in their purest form, essential oils are powerful and may cause irritation to the skin so always mix them with a carrier oil to …

zodiac signs

Best crystals virgos

Virgos are born between August 19 to September 20. Virgo sun signs are focused and passionate and can become obsessive about getting things done and making sure they are perfect. They are intelligent thinkers who are orderly and analytical, and often have a great memory. Loyal, kind, and highly intelligent, Virgos are loved for their …

spiritual journey

Animal spirit guides their meanings

  We all have an animal spirit guide. They show up in our awareness when the time is right, gifting to us a gentle reminder that we are connected us to their divine energy and can call upon it to achieve our highest and best life. More importantly, these creatures become teachers, guides and advisers …


what do different dreams mean

Every night whilst we are asleep, our mind has a dream or series of dreams.So what do different dreams mean?  Dreams are images and imagery, thoughts, sounds and voices, and subjective sensations experienced when we sleep. This can include people you know, people you’ve never met, places you’ve been, and places you’ve never even heard …

zodiac signs

Best crystals for cancer sun sign

Cancerians are born between June 21 and July 22 and are intense, incredibly charismatic and attractive, but also possessive and moody. They can turn on a sixpence, and you might wonder how many people really live inside them! Ruled by the Moon, they are passionate, creative, secretive, intuitive, and caring Funny, passionate, insightful, adventurous and …

spiritual journey

Positive thoughts affirmations

When we have positive thoughts positive things arrive into our lives. Ever since I welcomed positivity and gratitude into my life, I have found that each and every day gets better and better, I wake up every day with a smile on my face, grateful to be alive and healthy. If you find it hard …


What crystals help with sleep?

If you find you have trouble getting to sleep, then we may have the solution for you: crystals. Perhaps you’ve never thought of using them as a solution before, but you’d be surprised at how they can help. So, if you find yourself tossing and turning through the night, then keep reading for a natural …


Crystal grids why they work

What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a way to work with crystals that usually involves arranging them into geometric shapes or patterns. Crystal Grids often incorporate sacred geometry in their design, like the flower of life Crystal grids can be used to raise consciousness, create sacred space, heighten intuition, empower manifestation and …

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