a clear quartz crystal

Before the sun or the moon or life on earth, there were minerals. Interstellar stardust that witnessed the creation of our universe. There are over 4000 known minerals on our planet today and their make up has evolved along with life on earth, living organisms and crystals’.

Crystals are a wonderful addition to holistic therapy and can be a healing, supportive self-care practice. Take the time to get to know them and work with them. There are a multitude of crystals’ to use for physical and psychological ailments. They can bring about great changes to your everyday life and health.

Before doing any crystal work, you must always ensure that your crystals’ are cleansed, and charged with positive energy.

Caring for, cleansing and recharging your crystals

Just as crystals’ give off energy, they also absorb it. This can leave them heavy and depleted. Cleansing and recharging your crystals’ on a regular basis keeps them powerful and ready for action.

Your crystals’ will let you know when they need to be cleanse if you allow your intuition to work with them. I like to cleanse my crystals’ that I frequently use at least once a week, and those less frequently used around once a month.

How to cleanse crystals’

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals’.


Purifying crystals’ with salt is a common cleansing ritual and there are several ways to do it.

1, Fill a bowl with water and mix in 1 tbs sea salt, submerge your crystals’ into the water for 1 hour or up to a day. Rinse and pat dry.

2, Fill a bowl with sea salt and fully submerge your crystals’ into the salt for 1 hour up to 1 day. Brush off salt once removed.


Using the smoke of burning sage or incense stick, to cleanse your crystals’ is known as smudging.

To cleanse, carefully light a bundle of sage, blow out the flame to draw a tendril of smoke and move your crystal through the smoke until it has been fully enveloped.


Water is another method of cleansing crystals’.

1, Place your crystal in a glass or a bowl and put it under running water for several minutes. Pat dry

2, Place your crystal in a mesh bag and submerge into a stream for several minutes. Pat dry.

3, When it rains, set your crystals’ into a bowl outside for several minutes. Pat dry


Using the energy of the moon is a powerful way to cleanse your crystals’. Its feminine energy is gentle enough that this method is universally safe.

At sunset, leave your crystals’ outside on a table, or in the windowsill, in view of the moonlight. Full or new moons are the best time to use this method.


The masculine power of the sun is another option for cleansing crystals’. It is not appropriate for all crystal types as some may crack in the sunlight. Be sure to check which crystals’ are safe to cleanse using the sunlight.

At dawn, leave your crystals’ outside or in the windowsill were they will be fully bathed with light until sundown.


Recharging your crystals’ in soil is a nature friendly way to regain the crystals’ energy. If you have a garden dig up a small hole and bury your crystals’ overnight. Alternatively you can use a pot plant or container.


Cleansing crystals’ with your own thought energy is also an excellent method. Take a few deep breaths. Hold your crystal in both hands and focus on the stone. Visualize a bright white healing light beginning in the center and radiating outwards until the entire crystal is encompassed. Continue this until all the stored energy disappears into the light.

A to Z of Ailments

Below is a list of crystals’ to use for physical and psychological ailments.

Addiction Recovery – Malachite, Peridot, Smoky Quartz

Anger – Rhodonite, Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli

Anxiety – Rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine

Assertiveness – Citrine, sodalite

Allergic reactions – Hematite, blood stone

Anemia – Garner, blood stone

Asthma – Malachite, rhodochrosite

Backache – Amber, danburite

Bacterial infection – Malachite, aventurine

Bladder problems– Amber, prerinite

Blood circulation – Red jasper, blood stone

Blood purification – Ruby, garner, Malachite

Bowel problems – Lepidolite, peridot

Broken bones – Calcite, azurite, flourite

Breathlessness – Amber, seraphinite

Burnt out – Ruby, garner, carnelian

Communication issues – Turquoise, lapis lazuli , angelic

Confidence- Citrine, Amber

Confusion – Flourite, Lepidolite

Courage – Bloodstone, hematite

Creativity – Iolite, cathedral quartz

Cancer support – Rose quartz, sugilite, water tourmaline

Chronic fatigue – Ruby, Amber, amethyst

Constipation Smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, black tourmaline

Detoxification – Malachite, smoky quartz

Digestive problems – Green Flourite, Citrine

Depression – Amethyst, kunzite, pink tourmaline

Dreams – Rose quartz, blue lace agate

Drug abuse recovery – Jet, smoky quartz

Eating disorders – Rose quartz, water tourmaline

Emotional distress – Lavender quartz, purple Flourite

Environment pollution – zincite, minute

Eye problems – Aquamarine, blue tigers eye

Fertility– Rose quartz, blue moonstone, garnet

Fibromyalgia – Aventurine, amethyst

Foot problems – Black onyx, prehnite, smoky quartz

Fatigue – Amethyst, seraphinite

Fear – Kyanite, Lepidolite

Focus – Selenite, calcite

Forgiveness – Chryophase, calcite, Flourite

Grief – Rainbow obsidian, sugilite

Grounding – Jet, black tourmaline

Guilt – Amazonite, aventurine

Headaches – Aquamarine, rose quartz

Heart issues – Lavender quartz, rhodochrosite

High blood pressure – Blue chalcedony, amethyst

Hormone balance – Amber, blue tourmaline

Hysteria – Obsidian, hematite

Immune system – Aventurine, rutilated clear quartz

Impotence – Zincite, ruby, carnelian

Infertility – Ametrine, pink tourmaline

Insomnia – Amethyst, lavender quartz

Irritability – Blue chalcedony, angelic

joint soreness – Azurite, rhodonite

Jealousy – Peridot, Citrine

Joy – Sunshine gold stone, kunzite

Kidney support – Aquamarine, orange calcite, smoky quartz

Liver support – Carnelian, red jasper, charoite

Lung support – Lapis lazuli, turqouise, rhodonite

Loneliness – Amber, carnelian

Love – Ruby, rose quartz, emerald

Meditation – Lapis lazuli, iolite,

Memory loss – Selenite, green flourite

Menopause support – Blue moonstone, carnelian, amber

Menstrual support – Bloodstone, white moonstone, carnelian

Muscle aches – Hematite, red jasper

Nervous tension – Sodalite, carnelian

Osteoperosis – Calcite, flourite, azurite

PMS – Amber, blue moonstone, kunzite

Peace – Seraphinite, pink sapphire

Protection – Amethyst, jet, blood stone

Psychic development – Lapis lazuli, channeling quartz

Relationships – Kyanite, peridot

Relaxation – Blue lace agate, rose quartz

Reproductive organs (f) – Jade, chrysophase, golden topaz

Reproductive organs (m) – Jade, carnelian

Self esteem – Citrine, amber, ruby

Shynes-s Sunstone, orange calcite, zincite

Stress – Water tourmaline

Sciatica – Jade, lapis lazuli, amethyst

Skeletal support – Amazonite, pyrite

Skin issues – Rose quartz, azurite, citrine

Sore throat – Angelite, celestite, blue lace agate

Surgical recovery – Amber, chrysophase

Trauma recovery – Aventurine, chrysolloca

Teeth problems – Calcite, selenite, flourite

Thyroid support – Citrine, aquamarine

Varicus veins – Amber, blood stone, snowflake obsidian

Waret retention – Hematite, smoky quartz

This completes my list of crystals to use for physical and psychological ailments.

If you have any questions or would like to share any information on this topic, please comment below.

Much love