The year’s first full moon will reach peak illumination in the middle of the afternoon on Thursday 28th January at 2:16 p.m. EST, NASA said, although of course sky watchers won’t catch a glimpse of it until it rises above the horizon when the sun sets.

Full moon January rituals are a time of releasing what no longer serves you, and for releasing negativity from your life. We need this release to make room for things that will serve us. After a full moon, comes the waning phase, which is symbolic in the closing of a chapter or finally reaching a goal. Ritualistically, the goal of full moon is manifesting your intentions that you set in the new moon, so it is important to use the full moon as a halfway point to deepen your intentions. I have found that sometimes physically writing down what you want to leave behind and burning it offers more symbolic release. Once you have voided the space of what no longer serves you, you can allow room for new things to come into your life.

Drawing in lunar energy

Drawing in lunar energy during the January Full Moon is simply performing a ritual to connect and receive its energies. It is a feminine, magnetic, intuitive, healing, and mother-like energy that you can use to empower yourself and your spell work.

For this ritual, you don’t need any special equipment. You can go outside or open the window facing the moon. Pick the closest time to the full moon, when the whole face is lit and visible.

Now take some time to ground and center your energy. Open up your root chakra. Now look up towards the moon, feel her blue moonlight on your cheeks. Feel it in your palms, arms, and hands. When You finish your energetic Moonlight Bath, You should close your chakra centers and thank the Luna Goddess.

This Ritual allows you to Draw Goddess Energy into your body. Afterward, you can feel more energized, clear in mind, and surrounded by intuitive psychic energies. Now, encompassed in lunar power, you can perform other full moon rituals or spells.

January moon rituals

1.) The Wolf moon ritual

Another name for the full moon in January, is the Wolf moon. This is named as it occurs at a time when the wolves howled more than usual, some say out of hunger others say to claim their territory.

During the denning season in spring and early summer, wolves only howl to pack mates. As the late summer moves towards fall, wolves call more and more to neighbors and enemies. While an average howl from a single wolf lasts from 3 to 7 seconds, a chorus by a pack can last from 30 to 120 seconds and longer during the breeding season in February. So wolves are particularly loud and vocal in the first months of the year, which is probably why people associated the month of January with howling wolves.

Wolves need freedom to be content. In your own life, labradorite crystal can provide spiritual freedom that may be otherwise hard to find.

To connect to the wolf moon energy, place a labradorite crystal in your hand. Labradorite crystal has long been known for its mystical properties. I call it the stone of the witch.

Stand outside and bask in the illumination of the moon. Feel her energies pour into your hand, into your crystal then flow throughout your body. Meditate in the presence of the wolf moon, knowing that your intentions will all come to pass.

My children and I have an age-old tradition of always howling at the beauty of the full moon 🙂 You should try, it helps to release all negative, consuming energies.

2) The Birch moon ritual

Named Birch moons after the birch tree in the Celtic Ogham tree calendar. It is connected to fertility, birth and re-birth. Also, signifies the coming together of energies to create something new.
In order to connect with this January Birch moon, gather some birch twigs and hang them above your front door. If you are unable to find birch twigs, draw or paint an image of them as an alternative. Place a howlite crystal nearby to welcome positive, abundant energy into your home.

Howlite crystals are associated with this January moon due to their white body with gray streaks resembling the birch tree. This tree has a powerful energy as it calls forth the divine feminine powers of mother earth through Flidais, the lady of the woods. Working with howlite during the birch moon creates abundance of all good things into your life.

When the land is bare, the birch tree is the first to grow and create a forest. Clear your mind and meditate with a howlite crystal during the January birch moon to make a fresh start or to create a positive new beginning in your life.

The Leo moon ritual

This full moon on 28th January 2021, falls in the sign of Leo. During the Leo moon, take time for things which bring you pleasure. Carry with you a golden tigers’ eye or danburite crystal to bring you confidence and inner strength. These crystals encourage you to live at the moment and enjoy life. Be creative and authentic .

Set a danburite crystal outside on a window ledge under the light of the Leo moon to absorb its creative energy. Once this is done, hold the stone over your sacral chakra for a minute or so Breathe deeply. Move the crystal to your solar plexus chakra and repeat this deep breathing. Feel yourself engulfed in the energy of the Leo moon and feel your creativity boost within you. Now hold your crystal to your heart chakra. Send gratitude to the crystal for all its energies that have been shared with you.

The key to enjoying the Leo moon is to live with passion. Try something romantic and spontaneous with your partner. Dance, cook, play music together or take a walk in nature with a picnic lunch. All things created during the January Leo moon are channeled through you from the universe.

I hope that you enjoy the upcoming January full moon. Don’t forget to howl!! 🙂

Much Love