What are crystals?

Crystals are minerals that melted and fused themselves together inside the earth at extremely hot temperatures. Over time, with many cycles of heating and cooling, chemical reactions took place forming beautiful mineral structures.

Crystals are found in fissures and caves deep within the earths crust. Each crystal takes millions of years to form. Crystals should always be handled with care. Because they are made up.of minerals, people often think that they are indestructible, though this is not the case.

The geometrical way that they form means that they contain various angles such as vertical strictions. If crystals are dropped they can shatter into tiny pieces. Always handle your crystals with care.

History of crystals

How do people use crystals? In ancient civilizations , crystals were loved for their ornamental beauty and their powerful energies. They were often made into jewelry pieces or tools for rituals.

The Egyptians used crystals as a means of psychic protection as well as a show of wealth.

Amulets have been found which the wearer would have worn over the chest to protect from evil spirits.

In China, jade has been used for centuries. The royal family would wear it as a symbol of status. Jade was also used as a talisman to protect against harm.

Crystals in modern times

In modern times, crystals are still used for similar reasons. Precious gemstones can denote a persons’ wealth, whereas crystal gemstones are commonly used in rituals, as protection and more recently, in healing.

Crystal healing

The practice of crystal healing is based upon beliefs that the energetic properties of crystals can benefit the human body. Crystals are placed upon the body of the person receiving treatment. This is so that the energies of the crystals can absorb into the patient, healing their auric layers therefore promoting good health and well-being.

Color healing

Crystal healing also links to different aspects of holistic healing, such as color healing. The various colors of the rainbow are believed to have physical, emotional and spiritual effects upon a person. Choosing certain color crystals may also help in healing many aspects of the human body system.

The 7 chakras also benefit from crystal application. This helps to cleanse, balance and restore their energies. Each chakra is associated with a particular color, so crystals are chosen to correspond with this when used for healing.

Root chakra – red

Sacral chakra – orange

Solar plexus chakra – yellow

Heart chakra – green

Throat chakra – turquoise

Third eye chakra – blue

Crown chakra – violet/ indigo

Modern technology

Modern technology has found its way to manufacture crystals, These crystals are beautiful in their own right, but in the practice of crystal healing, pure, natural stones of the earth are preferred. This is because natural crystals carry the direct energetic force of mother earth.

Some examples of man made crystals are gold stone, aura crystal and angel aura quartz.

These types of stones are heated at extremely high temperatures and then fused with tiny particles of metals like gold, silver, copper, platinum or titanium. This gives them a lustrous, irridesant or sparkling effect.

Starting a crystal collection

I always prefer to buy crystals from a physical shop rather than online. This way you get to actually see and touch them. I have been disappointed at times when buying crystals online due to the sizing, quality or color being not as expected

Using your intuition is the best way to choose crystals. You can look, feel and hold the crystals until you find one which reacts with your own energy. Sometimes a crystal will “jump” out at you by way of landing in your hand or literally jumping away from you. After time spent with crystals, your intuition will deepen, making selecting your crystals much easier.

Choosing your crystals

If you are buying a crystal for a specific reason, again, use your intuition when making your selection. There are color guidelines which you can use to help you choose a crystal for a certain purpose.

Clear – Clearing and pure energy

Pink – Unconditional love and gentle energy

Purple -Spiritual energy

Blue – Cooling and calming energy

Yellow – Revitalizing

Green – Harmonizing and balancing

Orange/red – Warming and grounding

Brown/black – Protective energy shielding

If you are looking for crystals to use for healing, choose small to medium tumbled pieces. Always trust your intuition.

Cleansing crystals

Before you buy crystals, its important to be aware of the fact that they will have passed through many pairs of hands before they reach you. This meaning that each crystal will have absorbed many energies. Therefore, it is best to cleanse your crystals before you use them. This will neutralize any previously encountered negative energies which the crystals may have absorbed.

Crystals should be cleansed regularly. After each use or when re programming with a new intent.

There are many ways that you can cleanse crystals. Listed below are a few examples:

Water – Hold your crystal under running cool water to cleanse away any dirt or dust. Feel the old energy seeping away When you feel that your crystal is cleansed, remove it from the water and pat it gently dries with a soft cloth.

Earth – This method works best on protective crystals such as smoky quartz, black tourmaline or obsidian. Bury your crystal in soil for the night. The earth will neutralize any negative energy that the crystal holds. Dig it up the next morning and rinse under cool water. Gently pat it dries with a soft cloth.

Moon – Use the light and energy force of the moon to cleanse your crystals. This is especially good if you use your crystals for healing. Place them in a glass bowl filled with spring water and leave them outside beneath the light of the full moon. The next day remove them from the water and pat them dries with a soft cloth.

Smoke – Passing your crystals through the smoke of sage is known as smudging. You can use an incense stick or a traditional sage smudging stick. The smoke will neutralize any negative energy that the crystal has absorbed.

Programming your crystals

To program your crystal is to set your intention for what you wish to use it for. In order to do this you need to allow the crystal to absorb your energy field.

Once your crystals are cleansed, light a white candle and burn your favorite incense or essential oil. Sit on the ground with your legs crossed. Breathe deeply in and out, relaxing your body and your mind.

Feel your spine grounding with mother earth below. Now pick up your crystal. Run it through your fingers and hold it in your palm. Feel the texture and the temperature of the crystal as it rests in your hand. Allow yourself to connect with your crystal.

Now say out loud ‘ May you be filled with …..( your intention) for example ‘ Unconditional love”.

You may set whatever intention you like with your crystal, just follow the guideline above. If you wish to change the program of your crystal, then repeat the exercise by first cleansing and then re programming your crystal.

Displaying your crystals

Crystals are delicate so its important to handle them with care and love. Protect them how you wish for them to protect you.

Some crystals such as amethyst are susceptible to sun damage, so do not leave them in direct sunlight as their color may fade.

If dropped onto a hard surface most crystals will shatter and break. Soft crystals such as amber, easily get scratched so store them away from other hard edged crystals.

I like to keep my crystals out at all times so I display them around my home on shelves and bedside tables.

If you like you can display them in a glass cabinet or any area in your home where you feel that they will benefit you. Their beautiful earthly energies will suit any space.

When working with crystals, keep them in a drawstring bag close to your body or wear them as jewelry in a cage necklace.

Keep small crystals away from young children. They have a tendency to put them into their mouths.

Above all, have fun with your crystals and spend time getting to know them. Your intuition will deepen the more time that you spend with your crystal friends. 🙂

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have or comment if you have any ideas you would like to share.

Much love

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