What is your Aura color

One of the biggest questions when it comes to the Aura is how to find your aura color. Your aura is full of colors that can change throughout the day based on your mod and energy levels. Even though your aura can change color from minute to minute, we are all born with two primary aura colors that we keep our whole life.

These colors are determined from our past life, any karmic debt you may carry into this lifetime and your life purpose.

” Your aura colors are the energy signature of your soul”

As your emotions and physical health change, the colors of your aura will too. Your two primary aura colors will always remain the same.

There are several ways to determine your aura color.

1, Use your intuition

2, Learn how to see and read aura

3, Professional reading

4, Take a quiz

Use your intuition

Relying on your intuition is the best way to determine your aura color. Knowing your aura colors can give you am insight into your life purpose, your personality, your emotions, physical health and desires.
. Try this method first so as not to be swayed by any of the others. You must trust yourself when relying on intuition. Intuition requires quiet mind, so it is helpful to start by doing a meditation.
Block our some quiet time for yourself to do this intuitive meditation.

1, Get comfortable either sitting or laying on the floor. Focus on your breathing until you can feel your mind begin to Quieten

2, Close your eyes and set the intention to learn your aura colors.

3, Breath in deeply through into your stomach. In your minds eye, visualize the etheric body ( the first layer) of your aura as a bright white light that radiates about from you 1-2 inches. You may feel a tingling sensation as you do this.

4, Once you have a clear image in your mind, ask our loud or in your mind, for your aura color to reveal itself to you.

5, Continue in this meditative state until a color comes to you. This may not happen straight away. If nothing comes to you then try this exercise again in a weeks time.

Professional energy reading

Professional energy readings are another way of how to find our your aura color. This can sometimes be costly. Each energy reader uses a different practice to determine aura colors. Some feel and some see them. It is worth asking before you attend which way the energy reading is performed. Other questions you may wish to ask beforehand are, How many layers can the reader usually see, Can they determine any breakages in the aura and any strengths.

Aura Quiz

Another way to determine the color of your aura is to take a quiz. You will need a pen and piece of paper.

Write down the following primary colors:

Red, green, orange, blue, yellow, violet, magenta, indigo, turquoise, crystal.

Then look at the following statements within each primary color




I enjoy physical touch

I get angry quickly

I like to collect things

I love walking in nature

I enjoy cooking and eating food



I love adventure

I am spontaneous

I am energetic

I consider myself successful

I am strategic



I get absorbed in my work

I enjoy reading books

I am optimistic

I love to learn new things

I get things done



I am eccentric

I get bored easily

I am passionate

I am artistic and creative

I have a vivid imagination



I get told I am old soul

I am a truth seeker

I am very patient

I am organized

I connect to ancient civilizations



I am organized

I make money easily

I am a healer

I am a good listener

Other people’s well bring is important to me



I enjoy teaching people new things

I feel that I should share my gifts

I am a peaceful person

I am intuitive

I enjoy public speaking



I feel I don’t belong here

I am an empath

I am emotional person

I don’t like confrontation

I am psychic



I am emotionally sensitive

I love to meet new people

I feel that I go against the grain of ordinary people

I am not afraid to speak my truth

I view technology as a powerful tool for growth



I am an empath

I am Energy healer

I work best independently

I feel overwhelmed in public places

I mimic people close to me


Mark a tally against each statement which aligns with your personality.

Be honest with this.

At the end find 2 primary colors with the highest tally. These are your 2 primary aura colors.


Learn how to see auras

Take a course

if you are really interested in the aura I suggest that you consider taking a course to study and learn the wonders of the aura. There are some very good courses available which range from short courses to more in depth teachings.

In order to see your aura. You must learn how to use your eyes in a different way. Most people are able to see the etheric layer of the aura with some practice. This is usually white, gray or light blue extending 1 to 2 inches from the body.

Focus your eyes on the object/person then let them go hazy and out of focus. Use this technique to see the aura. Once you have mastered this, the next layer of the aura color should be easy to see.

Most people can only see the first few layers of the aura.

Once you have discovered your primary aura colors, you can progress to the next stage of learning. What does my aura color mean?

In my next article I will discuss the meanings of each primary aura color to give you an insight into your personality and attributes.

If you would like to share any alternative ideas for how to find your aura color, please comment below

Much love

Crystal webs