What is Manifesting

Manifesting is in essence, setting intentions. It is putting a clear, concise idea of what you want into your head. You may have ideas floating around of what you wish for in life, or even what you don’t, but you have yet to create a clear focus. Recognizing that you are a co creator that has the power to work with the universe and have a hand in creating your own reality, is the heart of manifesting.

The Power of Writing

There is a correlation between achievement and verbalizing or writing down your goals. You are 40% more likely to make your wishes a reality by writing them down.

Be clear

You must be clear on what you want with a strong vision of this being imperative. If you are struggling to focus on visualizing, take a spring of Rosemary, and rub it on your ‘ Third Eye Chakra’. Holding a clear quartz crystal may also assist in getting a clear vision, as clear quartz amplification energy and intention.


When focusing on your vision, you must be sure that you are in a good clear head space, in a place of self-love not desperation or hatred. If you manifest when things are not feeling good inside you, then you will draw more of those bad experiences into your reality.

Once your vision is clear in your mind, then focus on how you will Feel when these things come into your life.

Feel those Feelings

Embrace your feelings which will be flowing through your body. Will you feel happy, content, filled with joy? Really allow yourself to feel the emotions that you will have once all your thoughts have manifested I to your reality. In order to manifest successfully, you must allow your mind and your heart to connect together in oneness.

Release what no longer serves you.

In order calling in the things that you want , you must release the things in your life which are not in alignment of your true self. This may be a relationship which has become toxic, or negative feelings inside of yourself. You must release negativity to make room for positive experiences.

Think Big

Do not limit yourself when manifesting. Be as specific as you can be. If you want a new car then visualize that car in great detail, from how it will look to how it will smell inside. Picture yourself going for your first drive in your new car and feel that emotion.

Similarly, if you want to manifest a new relationship into your life, visualize yourself connecting with this person, holding hands, talking together. Think of the traits that you admire in others that you would like in your new partner. List their attributes in your thoughts. Really feel the emotions of how you will Feel when you meet this person for the first time .

When you visualize with feeling, you amplify the manifesting process.

Create a Vision Board

Creating a Vision board can help you to develop your visualization skills, therefore helping you to connect with what you want much easier. There are several ways in which you can do this. For instance, you could start a Pinterest board with all of your images of what you would like to manifest I to your reality. Save pictures of foreign lands that you want to travel to photos of your dream home or of a couple sitting together enjoying their time.

Alternatively you could create a colleague either on your device or on cardboard. Cut and paste your pictures onto a board and hang it up in your bedroom so that you can see it every day. Or you could use a cork board and pin up your photos.

Be sure that all the images you are using are actually what it is that you want to manifest into your life.

Write a letter to the Universe

When writing a letter to the Universe, you must remember to practice gratitude.feel the excitement, the contentment that will be in your life whilst visualizing your wishes into your life flowing through your own to your paper.ask for all the things that you would like to come into your life, being specific as to exactly what you want. Write as many details as you can. Once this is done, sign and date your letter and keep it somewhere safe.

Now wait for the magic to happen !

Raise your Vibrations!

When we speak about raising our vibrations, we are referring to feelings of positivity, happiness, joy all of which make out energetic field vibrate at a higher frequencies, which is ideal for re diving. When having feelings of doubt, upset, anger, jealousy, we are vibrating at a low frequency which is non receiving.

The higher our vibration frequency, the more capable we are of tuning into what we really want to manifest into our reality.

As our heart beats, it creates an electromagnetic field, which can be detected up to 2 meters away from our body in all directions.this unseen life force energy field is something we can tune into at any time. It is a powerful way to raise your vibrations and strengthen your ability to manifest.in order to work at this level, you must be operating from a place of self-love, to source the best outcome. Being grounded in your body is essential for manifesting work.

Raising your Vibration through music

My favorite way to raise my vibrations is by listening and dancing to music. Putting on my favorite songs instantly lifts my spirits and emotions to a level of happiness and joy. Words and music are very powerful combination which can really open up your heart and soul.

Raising your Vibration with Love

Another way to raise your vibrations is through love. Close your eyes and feel your heartbeat. Think about somebody that you truly love. Feel all of that love you feel for them. Visualize a white beam of light transmitting from your heart to theirs, connecting them together. Enjoy this feeling of love. You are now vibrating at a higher frequency of love, perfect for manifesting.

The Power of Gratitude

“Be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more, If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never have enough”

Daily gratitude is a power that you can access at any time. It is a magic so powerful, that it can shift your mood in an instant, banishing negative energy and raising your vibrations fast! Showing gratitude is a practice which shows the universe that you are coming from a place of love. When you show gratitude, good things will start to come to you. Every action has a reaction opposite and equal. When you give thanks, you cause the opposite reaction of receiving. The more sincerely and deeply grateful that you are, the more you will receive. When you are ungrateful you will attract negative experiences into your life.

Daily Lesson

A good exercise to bring gratitude into your daily life is to write down 10 things each morning that you are grateful for. If you prefer you can do this exercise in the evening.
For example:

“I am truly grateful for the meal I ate this morning as it fuels my body with energy for the day.”

“I am thankful for the plants and trees for the oxygen that they provide so as I can breathe and stay alive each day.”

“I am blessed to have such good eyesight as this enables me to read my books every day”

The more that you use gratitude in your life the easier it will become to magically manifest your dream life! The practice of gratitude is magical, bringing you into a high vibration frequency of love.

Have Faith and Believe!!!

The most important step to manifesting is to have faith and believe. If you fully believe something to be real, then it shall become real.

Belief is at the heart of all manifesting and magical rituals.

These are my most powerful tips in Manifesting your dreams into reality.

Take action… When you do, huge possibilities for change are achievable.

Please leave any comments below and I will happily respond.

Much Love