Music is a powerful, vibrational energy. The question of how to raise your vibrations with music is quite simple, you choose your song, press play, sit back and listen.

I find that this is the fastest, most effective method to reach high vibrational frequencies, that actually works!

Music has been in my life for as long as I can remember. As a young child, growing up in the 70s era, I can remember my parents always playing music, at home, in the car, and if there was no radio then there would be singing instead.

Artists such as The Beatles, John Lennon, Abba and Billy Joel were amongst the selection that was frequently played. Then as time went by Blondie, Micheal Jackson, the amazing voice of Kate Bush with Wuthering Heights and so many more my list would go on forever.

Whenever the music played, the vibrations would be raised. There was smiling, laughter and happiness. Voices singing, feet and hands tapping and sometimes there was dancing. I have a pull towards loud music, as this was the only way it was ever played be it at home or out in the car. I could feel the beat throughout my entire body, filling me up with warm feelings of joy.

It is surprising how much information the human brain can store. It always amazes me that I can remember the words to tens of hundreds different songs from all eras and styles of music.

Christmas time was a favorite musical time of the year for me and still is. Being born in the U. K we were delighted with snow falling outside, ready for snowmen to be built into the icy coldness,in comparison to the roasting warmth of an inside fire with Christmas songs and carols playing. The local choir would come around the streets the night before Christmas and adorn our ears with their angelic voices. Music makes Christmas time truly magical!!

As I grew into a teenager I would spend any money I received on purchasing new tape cassettes and records. I would sit in my bedroom with the window open wide, the cool breeze in my hair, blasting to distortion my favorite songs. I think perhaps we all at one time or another push our speakers to the absolute of limits, just to feel the music in our bodies that little more.

Memories that we hold are often associated with certain pieces of music. A song that sings of love to come or love gone by,, when heard will always trigger off the emotions of the memory. Thus said, songs which in the past have brought us happy memories, have the power to raise our vibrational frequency when we listen to them in the now.

People ask me, “what is your favorite song?” This is my biggest struggle to answer as there is not one favorite song, there are hundreds and hundreds of favorite songs. On thee occasion that I may be feeling down I seem to trend towards a certain playlist which within a short space of time brings me to an extremely high vibrational frequency of love, contentment and joy.

I don’t just listen to the music, I feel it, I let my body start moving to the rhythm of it, then I sing it louder and louder until I am filled with tingling sensations.

Here is my ” go- to “ list of favorites to raise my vibrations fast.

1) Flame Trees – Cold Chisel

2) Come up and see me make me smile – Steve Harley

3) Dakota – Stereophonics

4) Joey – Concrete Blonde

5) Atomic – Blondie

6) Your the one that I want – Grease

7) This Girl – Kings Vs Cookin

8) Everlong – Foo Fighters

9) Blinding Lights – The weekend

10) Livin thing – ELO

11) The End – Linkin Park……. I can never stop at just ten!!!

Now in order to feel the full effects of raising your vibrations, you must fully let go of all thoughts and lose yourself into the music. First listen to the beat, start to tap your hands and feet in rhythm with what you can hear. If you know the words, begin to sing along. As you progress through the playlist you should start to feel a complete switch in emotion from sadness to a smile, then emotions of content happiness and fulfillment. Stand up and move your body to the sounds of the song.Dance, sing, grab your hairbrush as a microphone Bridget Jones style!!

Try this out with my playlist or compile a list of your own favorite songs that always bring a smile to your face. By the time you have reached the end of your 10 songs, You will be vibrating in a higher frequency than you have felt before, It is the most amazing feeling.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts you may have on this subject or any favorite things that you like to do for raising your vibrations!

Much Love