During the time of the new moon, the moon is between the earth and the Sun. In this phase, the moon appears dark. The side of the moon that is reflecting the sun, s light is facing away from the earth where we can’t see it. You can think of the lighted portion of the moon as being the moons’ day side and the dark side of the moon as being the moons’ night side. So during the time of the new moon, only the night side is visible to the Earth.

The moon has a powerful effect on the earth, from the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, to its influence on menstrual cycles and sleep patterns. This deep connection with the moon doesn’t stop there. As the moon moves along on its orbital path and changing phases, so does the energy of the moon shift.

The new Moon is a time for setting goals and intentions. Working with the New Moon energy each lunar cycle helps you to create a commitment to yourself and to your dreams.

New Moon Energy

” The New Moon is dark and hidden and associated with witches…it is all about secrecy and veiled mysteries”

Understanding the effect that lunar energy has on your mind, body and spirit can help you to sync with the rhythm of the lunar cycle in a powerful way. This will help you to stay balanced and aligned with the universal energy. Crystals are natural companions to the moon. They will enhance your connection to the Moon when used in moon rituals.

Creating a connection with the moon and her energies will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself on a soul level. Tuning into the moon’s energy is about self exploration and inner discovery combining crystals and moon magic

Getting active with the lunar energy through rituals crystal work and meditation will help

to develop your skills and inspire you to be the best person that you can be, and following your true path. Allow the moon to inspire you to develop your intuition practice gratitude, be mindful and present, expand your knowledge manifest abundance and live passionately.

Healing crystals can strengthen your connection to the Moon and allow you to open up your psychic abilities. Being natural amplifiers of energy, crystals can boost your abilities with ritual work and stimulate your intuition.

Crystals for intention setting

during the new moon focus your energies and efforts on setting your intentions for the month ahead. The new moon phase strongly supports new beginnings, so be very clear and precise about what you want to invite into your life when setting intentions.

By aligning yourself with the new moon phase and using crystals to amplify this energy, you will have a winning combination for successful manifesting.

Below is a list of the best crystals to use for New Moon intention setting.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone pairs well with the new moon because it has a soft, dark, enveloping energy. It creates quiet mental space for you to turn your attention inward and determine what is most needed in your life. This crystal is also helpful if you are struggling with attachment to the outcomes of your intentions. Being too wrapped up in whether you’re manifesting will work creates the opposite reaction as doubt creeps in and you will get the opposite of what you wish for. Unconsciously, when we crave for something that we do not have, we are constantly affirming the fact that we don’t have it. The more that we affirm what we do not have, then more we will not get that thing. That is the Law of Attraction at work. BlackMoonstone also helps you too enjoy being present at the moment.

Golden Tigers Eye

When setting your new moon intentions, its important to be clear about exactly what you want into your life. Golden tigers eye is the perfect crystal for helping you to focus when setting new moon intentions. It provides clarity if your having trouble determining what’s most important.

Hold your Golden tigers eye in your hand close to your heart then close your eyes and ask the universe to guide you into what you need to focus on right now. Then wait for and answer to present itself to you.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone captures all the excitement of this phase and embodies the beauty of the intentions you will set. It is representative of completion and wholeness. This crystal helps you to overcome negative thought patterns or limiting self beliefs that may creep into your mind during intention setting. It also helps you to believe that you are deserving of manifesting the intentions which you set. Rainbow Moonstone also helps you to stay in tune with the phases of the moon cycle, from new moon through to full moon.


Rhodonite is especially useful for new beginnings and goal setting. When working with rhodonite, focus on how you want to feel. This crystal has a connection to the heart center and to the emotions, so focusing on creating a positive feeling for yourself is a powerful way to start the intention setting process. If you can set your intention aligned with how you feel, your chances of manifesting increase. When we are really clear about what we want, it makes it much easier for the universe to work its magic.

Setting Intentions

Using the new moon phase to set our intentions is about being very clear and precise about what we want, just as if we were writing a shopping list.

You can ask for anything you want no matter how big or small, just so long as you believe that you can have it. On this note, you cannot wish for a specific person or for a person to change, as this is interfering with another persons free will.

When you align with the new moon to set intentions, you are activating the Law of Intention and Desire, which states that ” the future is created in the present”.

Below are 10 easy steps to get you started on your journey to manifesting.

1.) Light an oil burner or diffuser with either Orange, bergamot or Frankincense essential oil, ( these oils are excellent for combating limited self beliefs!!)

2.) Play your favorite calming music whilst taking some deep breaths in and out until you feel relaxed.

3.) Pick up your favorite manifesting crystal, ( or one from the above list) and hold it to your heart.

4.) Feel gratitude for all that is good in your life at the present moment. Write down 5 people that make you feel happy and for whom you have been most grateful in the past month.

5.) Think about 5 things that you would like to see coming into your life over the next month. Write these 5 things down into a journal or a piece of paper.

6.) Next read out these wishes one by one and use your imagination to feel the feelings of what it would be like if these 5 things actually came into your life. Hold onto the feeling as this is what makes the magic of manifesting turn into reality.

7.) Come up with an affirmation for each of your intentions. for example, if you are wishing for love, ” I am in love!!” or if looking for a new career, ” I love my new job!!”

8.) Next, go through your list and write down next to each intention, what action you can actively take towards making this a reality, For example if looking for a new job, then you could search the internet job pages .

9.) Now, meditate for 15 minutes. Whilst meditating repeat in your mind ,” This or something better now manifests for me, under grace in perfect ways”

10.) Thank the Universe for all good that comes your way. Give thanks to the moon for her helpful energy. Leave your crystal next to your bedside until the next new moon phase.

The next New Moon phase begins on 15th December 2020. Have a go at manifesting some of your dreams. Leave any comments below if you need any further assistance, or if you would like to share your tips on manifesting. 🙂

Much love