Everywhere we go, we perceive other peoples energy in the auric field. The aura is a vibrant colorful energy that flows around all living things.

Learning to read auras and understanding their colors can fine tune your intuition. You are already communicating telepathically with others through the auric field.

Anyone has the ability to read human aura color meanings. It is all about trusting your intuition.

To begin seeing auras, start by standing in front of a large mirror with a white background. Look into the mirror and concentrate on a focal point in the middle of your forehead. Without averting your gaze ,let your eyes focus across to the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. The color that you see surrounding your upper body is your aura color.

Alternatively, you can stare at your hand for approximately 1 minute. The glow that you begin to see radiating from the outer lining of your hand is your aura color. You may need to practice these exercises several times before you are able to confidently see your human aura color. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Human Aura Color Meanings

I have devised a list below of the main primary aura colors and their meanings for your reference.


Crystal for balance – Snowflake obsidian


Crystal to amplify – Green Jasper

Red connects to the Root Chakra and the physical body. This aura color represents a fearless individual with a natural understanding of their physical reality. They can manifest anything they desire into their life effortlessly. Red aura people are passionate, dynamic and adventurous with a sensual nature. They enjoy physical activities and feel a strong pull towards nature.

Career – massage therapist, Physical trainer, Food industry


Crystal for balance – Rainbow flourite


Crystal to amplify – Tigers Eye

People with a yellow aura color consider themselves to be determined, successful and intellectual. They are happy, open minded and love to learn. This love of learning includes their ability to consume knowledge from books rapidly. Yellow aura people can become too wrapped up in their career, leading to over- work. They must remember to relax and self-love. At times, they may e known to have a hard time seeing things from another perspective.

careers – Writer, Scientist, Law


Crystal for balance – Smoky Quartz


Crystal to amplify – Rose Quartz

People with green as their primary aura color are great listeners.


They often work in the field of healing. Greens are very open to giving and receiving glove. They attract abundance easily as they trust that everything they need will come to them. Those with a green aura need to be careful not to lose too much energy with their giving nature and leave themselves depleted of energy.

Careers – Energy worker, Nurse, Social worker


Crystal for balance – Amethyst


Crystal to amplify – Carnelian

Orange aura color represents health, vitality and a sense of adventure. Many consider themselves to be strategic and spontaneous. They love an adventure and a surprise. They tend to get caught upon physical beauty and may have problems connecting with their spiritual side.

Careers – Freelance journalist, Police officer, Paramedic.


Crystal for balance Carnelian


Crysral to amplify – Lapis Lazuli

Naturally intuitive, blue aura color people feel a deep need to share their beliefs with others. They are calm and peaceful people, though can become ruffled when there is an injustice made. Blues often find themselves in leadership or teaching roles as they are guided towards helping humanity. They need to be mindful to use their communication for the good.

Careers – Writer, Speaker, Coach


Crystal for balance- – Red Jasper


Crystal to amplify – Celestite

People who have a violet color aura have a deep connection to the spirit world and may feel out of place in the physical world. They are naturally intuitive and psychic. They rarely succumb to the pressure of the ego and have few attachments to people.

They have the ability to sense and feel others energy and emotions easily and are often known as empaths. It can become challenging to protect themselves energetically because they are so hyper- sensitive.

Careers – Intuitive Psychic, Artist, Therapist


Crystal for balance – Tigers Eye


Crystal to amplify – Opal

Magenta are eccentric and artistic by nature. They have a mixed color aura of blue and red, bringing about a balance of the 2 colors. They have an awareness of the physical world (blue) with a very intuitive side (red). This combination makes them creative, with a high energy frequency. They have an excessively addicted nature, seeing conforming to the norm in society as “boring”. Magenta do not worry what others think of them as they are happy and confident being their true authentic self.

Careers – Artist, Singer. Entertainer


Crystal for balance – Moonstone


Crystal to amplify – Turquoise

Similar to Indigo, Turquoise people are often referred to as “old souls”. They have a strong calling to progress the human race by bringing back ancient teachings and healing techniques. Many of them find themselves in leadership or educational roles. They are effective multi taskers who are focused and accomplished.

Careers – Teacher, Coach, Healer


Crystal for balance – Malachite


Crystal to amplify – Amethyst


Indigo has only recently been recognized as a primary aura color.People with an indigo aura color fell a strong calling to progress the human race. They are mostly of the younger generation, hence why elders find them a little confusing. They see technology as a vital tool and rely heavily on it. Indigo can be sensitive to emotions, but they have no fear challenging society. They need to be more aware of other peoples points of view.

Careers – Social Worker, Technology, Politics


Crystal for balance – Clear Quartz


Crystal to amplify – Opal

It is common to see a white etheric aura layer, but can also appear on other areas of the aura. White is a generally positive aura color signifying purity and newness. It is a standard color which is used as a protective tool for protecting energy with a white shield. Other meanings – stuck, can’t move forward.

Careers – Healer, Vet , Nurse


Crystal for balance – Jet


Crystal to amplify- Jasper

These colors in the aura can often indicate that something is wrong within the mental, physical or spirit body. Gray auras may suggest a general weakness in body or spirit, whilst brown, muddy tones can suggest something is wrong emotionally. Black resonates with blockages or the inability to let go of something. It is common to find these colors in amongst your aura at some stage in your life. This is only cause for concern if they remain in the aura for a prolonged period.

Careers – Irrelevant

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are both associated with spirituality, enlightenment and a connection to the divine. Seeing silver indicates that a person is very psychic. Seeing alot of gold suggests that a person is close to enlightenment. If you meditate regularly, you may have bits and pieces of silver and gold throughout your aura color.

Blended aura colors

The primary aura colors can mix and blend, creating colors such as indigo or magenta, which then gives the qualities of the 2 mixed colors. This shows up in the persons’ personality traits. As we progress spiritually more and more ranges of aura colors are being seen.

Keep practicing the exercises for seeing aura colors and you will soon see the benefits and they will become like second nature. Practicing daily is recommended. Learn how to protect your aura and be mindful of the energy that you are using.

If you would like to share any personal stories or offer any insights into how you see or feel auras, then please comment below.

Much love