How often do you find yourself saying, ” I need to change my life?” I am going to share with you a meditation which will guide you into a place where you can find the answer from within

Essential Oil:

To guide you during this meditation, add 1 to 2 drops ginger essential oil to a diffuser. This is used as a stimulant.


Before you begin:

Turn off mobile devices and arrange your space so as it is comfortable and relaxed. Wear loose clothing and some fluffy socks to keep your feet warm. Have a blanket close by. Close the curtains and dim the lights. Light some white candles to help set the mood.

Sit in a relaxed position and start to write in your journal. List the areas in your life that you enjoy. Try to flow as many ideas onto the paper as you can think of.

Next, write a list of any areas of your life that you do not enjoy. Try not to be too critical, just to the point and honest. When you have finished, put your journal aside and relax.


I need help to change my life meditation is designed to help you find your way when you are feeling lost. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for a moment and then exhale deeply. Take another deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for a moment and then exhale deeply. Take a third deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a moment and then exhale deeply.

This is a visualization meditation, where you will have the protection of a spirit guide. Begin by inviting in your guide to be alongside you in this journey. This may be a friend, loved one, an animal or an angel. Know that your guide will be beside you, protecting you and supporting you.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a white protective light. With every inhale you will allow more of this white powerful light into your being.

Start at your feet and imagine that you are inhaling the light into your feet. Exhale. Now inhale light into your knees. Exhale. Inhale light into your hips. Exhale. Inhale light into your stomach. Exhale. Inhale the light into your chest. Exhale. Inhale the light into your heart. Exhale. Inhale the light into your throat. Exhale. Inhale the light into your mind. Exhale. Inhale the light into the crown of your head. Exhale. Inhale the light into the back of your neck. Exhale. Inhale the light into your spine. Exhale. Inhale the light into your lower back. Exhale. Inhale the light into the palms of your hands. Exhale. Inhale the light into your legs. Exhale. Inhale the light into the soles of your feet. Exhale.

Experience the undulating waves of protective light traveling through your body. Rest with this feeling for a few moments. When you are ready, bring your palms together, your thumbs touching the space between your eyebrows, and give thanks to your guide for being alongside you.

You are now completely relaxed. You are going to go on a journey.

Your journey begins on a path at the edge of a beautiful forest, nestled at the foot of a mountain. The breeze ripples through the leaves of the trees, inviting you to enter. Through the tall, thick trunks, you see a clearing with shafts of sunlight welcoming you into the forest.

As you move further into the forest, there is no more breeze. There is a silence. You stand for a moment enveloped in this silence. You walk over to one of the trees and wrap your arms around its bark. You can feel the tree transmitting its life energy into you. In this moment you are at one with the forest. You feel a sense of complete peace.

You leave your embrace of the tree, and continue on through the forest. You begin to hear in the distance, the flowing sound of water. You walk in the direction of the sound. You can feel the ground beneath you begin to transform into a lush carpet of velvet like grass. You enjoy this connection to the earth whilst listening to the melodic flow of the stream.

As you continue on, you begin to emerge from the forest, to see a crystal clear flow of mountain water cascading down the mountain and into the stream. You watch the crystal drops of water dance like jewels in the air as the water flows into the stream.

You walk over to the stream and sit down on one of its welcoming rocks. The sun is warm above you and the ground is covered with green velvety moss beneath your feet. The moss forms a comfortable cushion for you to relax and bask in the glow of the sun.

You sit here for a few minutes, drinking in the sounds of the water, watching red and blue butterflies dancing between water lilies in the stream. Your heart is filled with absolute joy. You sense another presence. You turn to see a beautiful white swan, her elegant neck dipped down as she bathes in the crystal stream. She lifts her head and gazes at you with emerald green eyes. She has come to communicate with you. She is the messenger who shall give you guidance into the direction of your life.

You gaze back at her beauty, eyes locked mesmerized. You appreciate the importance of this moment as you open your heart, ready to receive the wisdom that is intended for you.

You receive your message wholeheartedly and express your gratitude to the bird, without words through your eyes to hers. The swan expands her majestic wings, and as silently as she arrived, she disappears from your view.

Sit still in this moment, feeling everything that the swan related to you from her heart to yours.

When you are ready, rise up and move gently back through the forest along the path that brought you to the stream. Know that you have the power to direct your own destiny.

Closing ritual:

When you have completed the meditation, take a moment to write your messages into your journal. Go back to the original lists that you made and explore any connections between the messages that you received and the lists that you made. Write down any observations from around you from this time until you go to bed. Let your dreams guide you further as you sleep.

I hope that you enjoy this meditation, and find the answer to help you to change your life.

Please leave any comments below.

Much Love