Throughout history, rituals have served as links to our ethnicity, religion and ancestral traditions, but rituals can also be created, expressed and practiced as a way to connect and develop our own personal identity.

For me, ritual is a spiritual anchor. The most potent ritual is one which holds personal significance for you. My personal preference is to manifest with crystals. Here I will be explaining how crystals may  be used as a tool to enhance the manifesting process.

Choosing your manifestation stone.

My house has always been filled with crystals since I can remember. I like to place crystals by my bedside, at the front and back doors, in my handbag on my key chain, even in my bra.

Crystals have been used for centuries to aid in healing and to bring balance. They work through energetic vibration. Each crystal has its own benefits, but the best way that I find to choose a crystal is to hold it in your hand and feel its energies. You will know if it is the right one for you. Here are a few of my favorite manifestation stones.


Amethyst is the crystal stone of spirituality and wisdom. It also acts as a protector, transforming negative energy into positive energies of love. It is very calming making it a perfect manifestation stone for accessing your intuition and psychic gifts.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal stone of the heart, pure unconditional love, perfect for using to manifest your soulmate. It is perfect for supporting relationships both with others and with your self.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the crystal stone used to amplify vibrations. It is perfect for intention setting and manifestation. It also aids in removing limiting beliefs because it clears the energy and facilitates reprogramming.


Selenite is an excellent crystal for its space clearing abilities. It will work continuously to keep your Sacred Space free of negative energies. Using selenite you can also call upon your guardian angels or spirit guides to assist with protection if needed.

Setting up your sacred space

Now that you have an idea about a few different crystals it is time to set up your sacred space for your manifesting rituals. Your sacred space is a special place where you feel comfortable and at ease. It may be a small room or a corner in your living space. Your sacred space will be filled with items which help you feel connected to your spiritual side. These items may include insence, feathers, candles and most definitely crystals. Crystals are important and powerful tools for aiding with manifesting.

My personal sacred space is in my bedroom. I like to place a tabletop covered in my favorite chiffon embroidered cloth to create a crystal altar. Here I like to place my crystals and candles. I use this space to meditate, set my intentions, raise my vibrational energy and manifest.

Cleansing and programming your crystals

need frequent cleansing because of their ability to receive and store energy. When using crystals as part of your manifestation practice, it is important that you cleanse and charge them often. Crystals can be cleansed by several methods. My personal preference is by Smudging with White Sage.

Place the white sage smudging herb into a fire proof container. Light the herbs with a matchstick and then swirl the container until smoke wafts through the smoldering embers. Pass each crystal through the smoke to perform the cleansing. I usually use the remaining embers to smudge my sacred space to keep it cleansed of negative energies.

Once you have chosen which crystals you are going to work with, you need to program the crystal with your intention. Follow the steps below….

1. Cleanse and clear your crystal as above.

2. Hold the crystal in your non dominating hand and close your eyes. Imagine a white light emanating over the crystal in your hand, cleansing it, charging it and giving it purpose.

3. Say out loud “may this crystal be used for the highest good, to heal and balance love and light”.

4. Sit with the crystal in your hand, connecting with its energy. When you feel fully in vibration with the crystal, say out loud, “My intention for this crystal is …..”

5. Sit in stillness, repeating your intention until you feel it connect with the crystal.

6. Once a month cleanse and charge the crystal in the full moon, and connect it back to your intention the following day.

Manifesting with crystals

Other ways to manifest with crystals:

Place them over your journal to help amplify the vibrations of your intentions. I find that a clear quartz crystal has powerful amplifying energy.

Hold the crystals in your hands when doing a manifestation visualization.

To manifest money or a career advancement, keep your crystals inside your wallet or on your desk at work.

Wear your crystals around your neck, as a key chain attached to your side or in a chiffon bag inside your pocket.

A manifestation ritual to release what no longer serves you…

I would like to conclude with a manifestation ritual to get you started on your journey. This ritual is to release all energies which no longer serve your higher purpose.c

You will need…

. White sage

. A white candle

. A few pieces of blank paper

. A pen

. Your favorite crystal

. A lighter or matches

1. Cleanse your crystal and then your sacred space with white sage to clear any negative energies.

2. Gather up your supplies and sit comfortably.

3. Light your candle

4. Close your eyes and center your energy. Bring awareness to your breathing, allowing it to flow freely in and out of your nostrils.

5. Once you feel that your energy has settled and is calm, open your eyes. Begin to write down all the things that you wish to release from your life. What is no longer serving you? Continue to write as long as the words freely form onto the paper.

6. Read through what you have written and notice any repeated thoughts to pay attention to.

7. Place your crystal on top of the paper. Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on the crystal.

Recite out loud…..

I allow myself to release these things from my life. I no longer wish to carry these through with me to the next phase of my life. I have learned the lessons and I am ready to step into my truth and authenticity, leaving behind that which no longer serves me.

8. Blow out your candle, which symbolizes the end of a ritual.

9. Rip up your piece of paper into pieces then burn it into ashes in a fire safe container, or the kitchen sink for safety.

10. Lastly, sage your crystal then place it outside in the moonlight to cleanse and recharge it.

I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction to manifesting with crystals. If you have any questions please feel free to post below.

Much Love