Are you looking for the best telescope for beginners? There are so many telescopes available on the market, but the problem is that some are difficult to use, have poor performance or are over priced.

To help you pick the best telescope, I have created a detailed comparison of the performance, features and quality of the best telescopes for beginners 2020.

My goal is to help you find the best telescope, which is easy to use, with all the features that you need in order to begin your journey in Astronomy.

The two major optical kinds of telescope

Telescopes are categorized into two major optical kinds, Reflectors and Refractors. Reflectors use an internal primary and smaller, secondary mirror o focus the light into the eyepiece in order to create an image.

Meanwhile, Refractors make use of lenses to focus the light into the eyepiece. In other words, Reflectors reflect light while Refractors bend the light.

Reflectors are best used for capturing faint galaxies and nebula. Refractors are great for views of the solar system and deep, bright-sky objects.

How to choose your first Telescope

The type of telescope you choose should be based upon your observing interests and budget. Look for high quality optics and a steady, smooth working mount. The bigger the telescope, the more that you can see and the easier to use.

The most important feature that you should look for is its aperture, the diameter of its light gathering lens or mirror, often called the objective. Check the box or the front of the tube to find the aperture diameter. The most preferable aperture diameter would be at least 70mm(2.8″)

Top 3 Telescopes 2020

Featured below are the top 3 Telescopes for beginners 2020, ranging in 3 price brackets to suit all budgets.

Orion 10012 Sky Scanner 100mm Tabletop Reflector Tlescope Kit – $104.99


The Orion 10012 is a compact and easy to use telescope, designed to make astronomy easy for beginners. It gives excellent views of the planets, the moon, nebula and brighter galaxies.

Included with the Orion 10012, is Starry Night software to help choose targets and pinpoint them in the nights sky. Targets may appear small through the eyepiece due to the wide field of view.

You will need a sturdy table as a base as the Orion is a table-top version.


. Aperture 100mm

. 2 x eye pieces 10mm and 20mm

. Weight 2.8kg

. Starry Night software


Levistar 90mm Telescope – $499

The Levistar 90mm Refractor Telescope is a great, high quality beginners telescope. It is easy to point, focus and requires no maintenance. It comes with a smartphone photography adapter which works with any smartphone.

The Levistar comes in a convenient backpack, making it easy to carry and store away in small spaces. Everything you need to get started in Astronomy, is included with the Levistar 90 Telescopes.


. Tripod

. 90 degree diagonal mirror to give upright images

. 2 eyepieces (25mm and 10mm)

. Barlow lens (3x)

. Red dot finder

. Smartphone camera adapter

. Padded backpack


Celestron Astro Fi 130mm WiFi Reflector Telescope – $899

The Celestron Astro telescope provides good views of the moon and is able to pick out the planets easily. It has sky align technology for simple alignment before use.

Once aligned, the Celestron is able to show your desired target with the touch of a button through your smart phone. You will need to download the Celestron Skyportal App, ( Google Play Store or Apple App store).

The Sky portal App makes suggestions of what to watch in the sky, which is a highly beneficial feature for beginners.


. Aluminum tripod

. Smartphone adapter

. Aperture 130mm

. Accessory tray

. Starpointer finder scope

. Red dot finder

. 2 Kellner eye pieces

. Mirror star diagonal



To conclude, as you can see, the main difference is the price range with the 3 telescopes for beginners. All the telescopes offer quality and value for beginners to start their journey into Astronomy. If you would like to share any recommendations then please leave a comment below. If you like this review then please share with your friends.


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