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During pregnancy, we experience dramatic physical and emotional changes to our bodies At this time we need as much support as possible to help us through this transition. Today I am going to talk about the top 10 crystals for use during pregnancy and childbirth, to give you an idea of how using these natural stones can offer you an alternative to modern medicine.

Using crystals during pregnancy can assist in balancing your hormones and stabilize your emotions. Working with crystals during your pregnancy also helps to familiarize your unborn baby with the energies of crystals, providing a sense of calmness for both mother and child.

Choosing your crystals

It is important to choose crystals which match your energetic frequency. When shopping for crystals it is best to hold the stone in your hand to get a feeling from it. Focus on the feeling that you receive whist holding each crystal.

Often , I have found that certain crystals literally “jump” in or out of my hands. The crystals that “jump” towards you are asking you to pick them and take them home. Those which slip from your hand are generally not a good match to your vibrational frequency.

Sometimes, when carrying a crystal in my pocket, I have even felt a vibration, which I thought was coming from my mobile phone. I have then realized that its actually the crystal letting off a vibration inside my pocket. I believe that this happens when a crystal is really working together with mine and its own energies.


Befoe use, it is important to cleanse your crystals. Please refer to my article Manifesting with crystals -.cleansing

Top 10 Crystals to use during Pregnancy and Childbirth

1.) Rainbow Moonstone

This crystal is reflective of its name. It has a sheen called labradorescence, which is like the shimmering of the moon in the night sky. Rainbow moonstone is symbolic for enhancing feminine energy. It can aid in uplifting your mood and balancing hormones associated with pregnancy. Rainbow moonstone also helps to releave fatigue, which leaves space for clarity and intuition.

2.) Moonstone

Moonstone works well in connection to the ebb and flow of the moon and its powerful phases. It is a great crystal to keep beside you when pregnant. It is known as the ” Goddess of fertility”, said to stimulate the pineal gland. Moonstone is a natural hormone regulator, making it an excellent choice for pregnancy.

Moonstone helps women with morning sickness and fatigue during the first trimester. It has a soothing energy known to promote harmony in relationships. It is believed that moonstone can aid in the pain relief of contractions during labor , if placed upon the abdomen. Moonstone can also help to keep away fluid retention which some pregnant mothers suffer towards the end of their pregnancies.

3.) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals and often one of the first in peoples collections. It is a member of the quartz family, varying in shades of deep to very pale pink.

In crystal healing, rose quartz emits a soothing frequency, allowing it to interact with the body and its energy field to aid in healing. Rose quartz promotes unconditional love and feelings of warmth and compassion.

During pregnancy, rose quartz enhances the bond between mother and her unborn child. It is a stone of natural protection, so keeps the pregnancy safe from conception through to birth. Also, believed to aid in healing after labor, rose quartz is a must have crystal to use whilst pregnant.

4.) Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a pale blue-green variety of the mineral beryl, a group which also includes emeralds.

In crystal healing, aquamarine clears away emotional toxicity and brings inner peace. It is a highly protective crystal, discouraging miscarriage and guarding mother and baby from harm during pregnancy. It is a crystal of great courage, making it an ideal support crystal during labor.

Aquamarine is known for its calming qualities, so is of use all through pregnancy to squash anxiety and assist in a smooth labor.

5.) Unakite

Unakite has long been known as a crystal of fertility. It harmonies and balances the reproductive system and is often given to women to wear to assist in a healthy pregnancy. It can also increase the skins’ elasticity, reducing stretchmarks caused from weight gain in pregnancy. unakite is a crystal which has energies promoting calm and keeping you centered in your heart.

6.) Black Onyx

Natural black onyx is not uniformly black. It has stripes of grey, white and black throughout. This is caused by different levels of impurities within the quartz.

Naturally banded pieces of black onyx are preferable for crystal healing. It can help a person balance the demands of everyday life, helping to restore the system into inner stillness.

For many years, black onyx has been used during labor to aid with the pain of contractions and to control emotions. Hold a black onyx in your hand or over your abdomen during labor as it promotes courage and stamina as well as clarity for the mind.

7.) Lapis Lazuli

Blue in colour, this crystal typically contains pyrite, which looks like specks of gold Known for its medicinal properties, lapis lazuli is often given to women experiencing difficult child birth. It is a royal stone, activating the third eye and crown chakra, bringing spiritual awareness to those who use it.

Lapis lazuli helps to support the physical stress of pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Also, known to reduce the risk of miscarriage, it supports peaceful, harmonious energies.

8.) Tigers eye

Tigers eye is a quartz crystal formed in parallel banded layers It has a silky, shimmering effect, resembling a cats eye.

This crystal in healing is known for its balancing energies of the reproductive organs, aiding in fertility.

Tigers eye restores balance to the body as well as encouraging calm and positive energies. Its a great protection crystal so is perfect for use in all aspects of pregnancy.

Take a bath with tigers eye to alleviate feelings of anxiety during labor. Tigers eye can also help with the physical pains of labor and childbirth, soothing mental stress by calming the system.

9.) Hematite

Hematite is an iron ore stone composed of iron oxide. It has a natural silver sheen that resembles mercury.

In crystal healing, hematite is linked to building strength making it a perfect partner to pregnancy and childbirth.

Hematite aids in blood flow and circulation, thus helping to relax cramped muscles during various stages of pregnancy. It grounds and centers the body into the present moment.

10.) Amethyst

Another very popular crystal, again often seen in peoples collections. Amethyst is a crystal of varying shades of purple from the quartz family.

This crystal is known to ward off negative energies and protect from environmental stress.

During pregnancy, amethyst is widely used to calm mood swings and balance emotions. Also an excellent aid for migraines and headaches associated with the first trimester of pregnancy.

Crystal Healing Overview

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy, which brings a deeply relaxing, inner body balance to both mind and spirit. It is important to stress that keeping, holding or using crystals in healing practice is not a replacement to conventional medicine or advice.

Any persistent conditions or changes in physical symptoms should be reported to your GP. However, having an appropriate crystal with you allows you to draw its energy to support your healing process.

I hope that my top 10 suggestions for crystals to use during pregnancy and childbirth has brought you some enlightenment and I look forward to hearing any stories you would like to share about your experiences with crystal healing .

Much love