” Magick is the spice of life and it turns a relationship into a feast of sensual pleasures” Sirone Knight

There are more magick spell casts for love than for any other purpose. Emotion is one of the key ingredients the magick, hence why love spells are so powerful.

Love spells using crystals and essential oils as the complementary ingredients, amplify this power tremendously, due the high vibration qualities of crystals and the plant energy of essential oils.

When it comes the casting spells for love, we must be very mindful. Love is a strong emotion which can cause our irrational heart to interfere with our judgment.

How we word our intentions plays a large part in the outcome of the spell. In order the not coerce or manipulate another person, we should not attempt the force a spell upon a particular person the “make” them love us. In order to achieve the best outcome, I suggest wording your intentions as follows…

” Brad and I are now able to enjoy the best relationship that we can have together, for the greatest good of us both”, as opposed the ” Brad and I are now life partners”. If this is the best outcome then this is how it shall be. Having respect for all persons involved creates a beautiful “white” magick spell. (As opposed the Black magick where intentions are based upon selfishness and removal of anothers’ free-will)

A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds, A good deed is never lost, he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love” Saint Basil

Love spells using crystals

Many years ago, people prized crystals, not for their monetary value, but for their magick charm. In today society, more and more people have come to realize that crystals have a lot the offer, especially in healing and magick work.

Each stone has its own unique property and energy which can be tapped into for spell work.

As a general rule, clear stones, such as diamonds, aquamarine and quartz, are best used the aid in communication issues of the heart.

Cloudy stones like rose quartz, carnelian and opals, aid emotional conditions such as anger, sadness, affection or passion.

Opaque stones, like agates or onyx, support more physical matters like sexual issues.

Most spells use particular colored crystals, which relate the intention, for example, pink or red colored crystals for spells of passion or self-love.

Clear quartz crystals amplify the energy that is put into them, hence why they are very commonly used in love spells, to enhance the power of intent.


Before performing any magick spells, it is advisable to cleanse the crystals that you will be working with. Please refer Manifesting with Crystals

Cast a Circle

Most magick workers, cast a protective circle around the space in which they are going the work in. A magick circle provides a barrier of protection which keeps unwanted energy out and desired energy in until you are ready the release it. This magick circle may be invisible or physical. Cleanse the area that you wish to create your circle by sweeping away dirt and old energies with a broom. Smudge the area with sage sticks or incense the remove bad vibes. You can now draw an imaginary circle around yourself inside your space, or you can create a circle using crystals, twigs, branches or anything else which resonates with you.

Grounding yourself

Whilst holding a smoky quartz crystal, Imagine yourself growing roots deep down into the earth and becoming as one with them, drawing their nourishment up into yourself. The idea of grounding yourself, is the become connected the mother nature.

You are now ready to discover The Top 10 Love Spells using crystals and essential oils.

” The most high vibration place the start practicing magick is from a place of gratitude and self-love”

Top 10 Love Spells

1.) A Spell that strengthens Self-Love

Tools and Ingredients

3 pieces of rose quartz

3 pieces of chrysocolla

3 pieces of alexandrite

3 pieces of opal

3 pieces of garnet

3 pieces of jade

Oil burner Bergamot essential oil

a) Cast a circle around yourself by laying the crystals on the floor so that you are inside the circle. Start in the east and work in a clockwise direction. You can position the crystals in any order that you like.

b) Light your oil burner with the bergamot essential oil. Sit in the center of your circle and close your eyes.

c) Breathe slowly and deeply, feeling the positive energies of the crystals flowing towards you. Accept the blessings that they offer for your highest and most joyful good.

d) Sit this way for as long as you need. Then pick up the crystals in a counterclockwise direction the open the circle. Thank the crystals and store them in a safe place until you choose to do this spell again.

2.) Boost your inner Goddess spell

Tools and Ingredients

A piece of quartz crystal with a single point (c cleansed)

a) Hold the crystal in your third eye ( the center of psychic ability, on your forehead between your eyebrows) and project a vision of love, beauty, and happiness into the crystal.

b) At dawn, set the crystal on a windowsill where the sun can shine on it during the day and the moon during the night. Make sure he the point is aimed towards your home.

c) State your intention out loud in the form of an affirmation.

d) The next morning remove the crystal from the windowsill and hold it in your heart. Feel the solar and lunar vibrations flowing into your heart, infusing you with light and love of the goddess and the god. Thank the sun and the moon n the crystal for their assistance.

e) Carry the crystal with you during the day and set it on your bedside table or under your pillow at night for 28 nights.

3.) Desire me Spell

Tools and Ingredients

Pen and paper

5 drops Rose essential oil

glass of water

Rose quartz crystal

Pinch of ground cinnamon

mortar and pestle

Pin of Orris root powde

heatproof dish and her charcoal disc

a) Write out the full name and date of birth of the person that you wish to be desired by ( Should be someone you already know)

b) Fol the paper 3 times towards you and add it the glass of water.

c) Blend the cinnamon and orris root powder in a mortar and pestle, then add the rose essential oil.

d) Light a charcoal disc in a heatproof dish and add the mixture.

e) Pass the glass through the smoke. As you do this, set your intention and visualize how you wish to be desired.

f) Leave the glass of water beneath your by for 7 nights.

3.) Love Honey spell

Tools and Ingredients

Small knob of fresh ginger

Rose essential oil

Jar of honey

2 red candles

Rose quartz crystal

Handful of red or pink rose petals

a) Light the rose essential oil in an oi burner

b) Cut the piece of ginger in half and place both pieces into the jar.

c) Place the rose petals in a circle around the jar, then light both red candles, one on either side.

d) re-light the candles over the next 2 nights and allow them the burn down.

e) Eat the honey or use it to sweeten your tea or breakfast cereal the call love into your life.

4.) Calling in a Lover spell

Tools and Ingredients

3 piece garnet                      Pen a paper

3piece rose quartz               8 drops of Jasmine essential oil

3 piece clear quartz              2 small magnets

a) Create a circle with the crystals in any order in a clockwise direction with yourself in the center.

b) Write out 20 things that you love about yourself on a piece of paper. On a separate piece of paper, write out 20 things that your future partner would write about them self….. Be specific and take your time.

c) Working in a clockwise direction, anoint the corners of the paper with the jasmine essential oil. Place a magnet in the middle of each piece of paper.

d) Fold the paper 3 times towards you and keep them under your pillow until you find your lover.

e) Release the circle of crystals in an anti clockwise direction.

5.) Future Lover Dream spell

Use this spell to conjure up a vision of your future lover. Be open the messages that are presented that you. This spell may reveal that you where you will meet your future lover and what steps you may take the call a lover in or even what this lover may look like.

Tools and Ingredients

Red candle                                                        Pinch of dried patchouli

5 drops rose essential oil                                  Bowl for blending

2 pinches of dried red rose petals                     1 Obsidian crystal

Pinch of dried yarrow                                         Pen and paper

a) Anoint the candle with the rose essential oil, place it on your beside table and light it.

b) Blend the petals and herbs in a bowl and add the obsidian crystal.

c) Take the pen and paper and write down as many things a possible about the love you desire.

d) Place the blend and the crystal in the middle of the paper and fold the paper 3 times toward yourself. Place the folded paper underneath your pillow.

e) Sleep with the spell beside your bed for the next 7 nights. Write down your dreams and visions as they happen each time you wake up.

” The value of love is the sum of what you have tom pay for it and any time you get it cheap you have cheated yourself” William Faulkner


6.) Easy Rose Attraction spell

Tools and Ingredients

Small bowl, heart shaped

Dried pink or red rose petals ( enough the fill the bowl)

1 Clear quartz crystal

a) Fill the bowl with dried petals.

b) Nestle the quartz crystal in the rose petals. Set the bowl onto the windowsill where the moon can shine on the crystal overnight, the imbue it with her loving energy.

c) In the morning, remove the crystal from its bed of rose petals. Scatter the petals in front of your home.

d) Carry the crystal with you for the next 7 days to attract love.

7.) New moon spell to bring luck in love

This spell is based upon a magick square of Saturn, a configuration of small numbered squares arranged in rows and columns in such a way that the numbers in each column and row add up the same sum.

Tools and Ingredients

9 crystals that you are drawn the

A magick square of Saturn drawn on paper

A dark blue cloth

Bergamot essential oil and oil burner

a) Light you oil burner with the Bergamot essential oil

b) On the night of the New moon, draw a magick square of Saturn on paper and lay it on your altar or other surface.

c) Decide which of your wishes is most important, and then lay the crystals out saying out loud your intentions.as you place each crystal onto a corresponding number.

d) Do the same with each wish and each square until all 9 crystals have been positioned.

e) Cover up the square with the crystals with the dark blue cloth, signifying the night sky. Allow the magickal energies that you have called in to remain contained and nurtured overnight.

f) In the morning uncover the configuration and either leave the crystals as they are or carry them with you until all 9 wishes come true.

8.) Spell to draw love in your home

Tools and Ingredients

A circular wreath form

Greenery and flowers that represent your desires

Rose essential oil

8 Rose quartz crystals

a) Attach the wreath the flowers, greenery, and crystals.

b) Anoint the crystals with the rose essential oil

c) Hang the wreath on your front door of your home to attract love and happiness

9.) Spell to help love grow strong

This spell taps into a tree strength the help your love grow strong. Because trees live for a long time, their energy can support longevity in your relationship.

Tools and Ingredients

A small wooden box                                       1 piece of onyx

Red or pink rose petals                                   1 piece of rose quartz

Red or pink carnation petals                           A shovel

A pinch of allspice                                           Rosewater

A sprig of rosemary                                        A small silver heart charm

a) Open the wooden box and place the petals, silver heart charm and crystals inside. As you add each ingredient, think about how it will contribute in your love and support your new relationship.

b) Close the box and go outside, taking the shovel and rosewater with you.

c) Choose a healthy, mature tree and ask it to lend its energy in your spell. When you sense its agreement, dig a hole nearby and bury the box in it.

d) Thank the tree for its assistance and pour the rosewater at its base the show your gratitude.

10.) Crystal Commitment Blessing

Tools and Ingredients

Pinch dried rosemary           5 drops of rose essential oil

pinch dried lavender            mortar and pestle

5whole cloves                     Hot charcoal;disk and heatproof dish

2 crystals, 1 chosen by each partner ( clear quartz works especially well)

a) Blend the herbs, cloves and rose essential oil using a mortar and pestle

b) Light a charcoal disc in a heat proof dish and add the blended mixture.

c) Hold your crystals over the smoke and tell each other why you love the other and why you are committing tot hem. Exchange the crystals and carry them around with you.

Be Focused

Be focused on what you are about to invoke and aware that the spell you are creating has the potential to change your love life. Always remember the three most important things that you need when performing spells are your intentions, your intuition and belief.

After doing certain spells, you may notice some synchronicities. When this happens, take it as a sign from the universe that you are enough and the universe has got your back. Your magick is working !!!!

Do you have any love spells that you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Much Love