The 13 modern moons’ are the names given to the full moons’ of the year derived from pagan and American settlers. Each of the modern moons’ were named for a particular reason. The 13 modern moons’ are founded from a variety of cultures from around the world. The names are all still used today hence them being known as the modern moons’.

People from around the world perform rituals at the full moon. When your can appreciate the diverse way that we as a global race come into alignment with the moons’ energy, your will be able to see the connection between all mankind. The moon does and always has played an important role in different traditions and cultures.

Below I am going to illustrate an explanation and a ritual to perform for each of the 13 modern moons’. These are based on the Northern hemisphere, were the seasons are the opposite from the Southern hemisphere. Winter starts in December, Spring starts in March, Summer starts in June and Autumn in September. Each full moon for each month of the year has a modern moon name, with crystals and essential oils to used to develop a deeper connection to the lunar energy.

What are the 13 modern moons’?


The Wolf Moon

The Wolf moon was named as it occurred at the time of the wolves howling more frequently and especially loud. The reason for this may have been due to hunger from the time of the year or because the wolves were claiming their territory.

During the Wolf moon, address communication, rebirth and solitude. Colors associated with this moon are, black, Grey and white.

There are 3 crystals which connect energetically with a wolf moon, these being black moonstone, Labradorite and selenite. Black moonstone works well with new beginnings, making it the perfect crystal to work with during the Wolf moon. It is particularly beneficial to work with regarding matters of uncomfortable change as it promotes emotional and energetic support.

To connect with the energy of the Wolf moon, place a black moonstone in your sacred space close to an illustration of the dark moon goddess, Heketa. Spray a mist of cedar wood essential oil into the air. Close your eyes and relax. Now chant, ” I intend to transition into the new year with ease.”


The Ice Moon

The Ice moon occurs during the intense cold of winter. The German name for this full moon is The Horning moon, as this is the time when reindeer begin to shred their yearly antlers. Also, known as the Quickening moon as it appears in the sky just before spring when new plants begin to push their way to the surface of the soil. This moon is a time for planting seeds of hope for good things to come.

Animals associated with the Ice moon are bears, eagles and the white fox. It is a time to concentrate on intuition, perception and gaining clarity. Using the crystals amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz during the Ice moon can help to amplify rituals and create a stronger connection to the moons’ energy.

To connect with the Ice moon, hold a piece of clear quartz in your hand whilst thinking about any problem which has been bothering your. Visualize the outcome that your would like to happen. The energy of the Ice moon will guide your to the answers your seek.

Clear quartz is beneficial in aiding your to release things which no longer serve your. This crystal can help your to set positive intentions filling the void of what your have left behind.


The Storm Moon

This moon is named as it states, due to heavy rains and storms at this time of the year. It symbolizes the imminent arrival of spring. It is a time for finding balance and transformation.

The Storm moon is known by modern day Pagans as Death moon, as it signifies the fading away of the winter months making way for new ones to come.

Colors associated with the Storm moon are lavender, purple and white. Use amethyst and pink tourmaline crystals when performing rituals with a Storm moon.

To connect to its lunar energy, begin by burning some jasmine essential oil. Place a pink tourmaline crystal overnight into a jar of water to charge it with moon energy. Sow some lavender or sage seeds. Remove the crystal from the jar and use the energized water to pour onto the potted seeds. Whilst doing this, think about all the things in life that your are grateful for.

Use pink tourmaline as a part of your gratitude routine. Hold it in your hand and be thankful for life gifts. Focusing on gratitude will plant the seed for more goodness to manifest into your reality.


The Growing Moon

The Growing moon is named such as it occurs when plant life begins to sprout to the soils surface. Seeds are germinating, bulbs are pushing up through the ground and trees are blossoming. This is the time for expansion, growth and rejuvenation.

In medieval Britain, this moon was known as the Budding Trees Moon. Modern day Pagans call it the Awakening moon as it is associated with the return of the maiden.

Colors associated with the growing moon are blue, green and red. If using crystals to perform rituals during a Growing moon then try blue calcite, or chrysophrase. Chrysopase is a feminine crystal carrying the vibration energy of love. This is excellent if working rituals around animals or plant life. Chrysopase also is known to inspire hope to grow within your as it relates to creation and nurturing.

To connect to the energy of a Growing moon, journal for 15 minutes about a project that your would like to start. Be as descriptive as your can and express your hopes and wishes for this new venture.


The Hare Moon

The Hare moon is named because it is the time when the weather starts to become warm and hares are seen in abundance. The hare is a sacred animal associated with spring, according to Roman mythology.

In Europe this moon is known as The Mothers moon.

To connect to the energy of the Hare moon, first burn some grapefruit essential oil. Place a rose quartz crystal into a bowl of ice-cold water until the crystal is cool. Remove it from the water and gently rub it over your face. Start at the top and work your way downwards. Follow this with a rose face mist.

The rose quartz crystal is a symbol of beauty. It is connected with the goddess Isis. Roman legend has it that she would gather rose quartz from the river Nile and massage the cool stones into her body to enhance her youthful appearance.


The Rose Moon

To connect to the energy of a Rose moon, place a red, pink or white rose into the west corner of your home. This symbolizes love and relationships according to feng shui. Place a rose quartz crystal next to the rose to charge it with crystal energy. Allow the flower to dry out and add the petals to your bath.

The Rose moon was named by the Roman god Juno, also known as the Lovers moon, and Honey moon due to the production of honey by bees in the summer.

Colors of the Rose moon are gold, light blue and yellow. Citrine, honey calcite and rose quartz are crystals used to connect to the energy of the Rose moon.

Citrine is known for its mood enhancing qualities and its ability to help manifest your desires. . Balance your chakras with this crystal by visualizing the light of the moon into your energy field.

Rose quartz is also excellent for rituals during the rose moon. Its crystal energy enhances loving relationships allowing your to shower love onto all those around you.


The Hay Moon

The Hay moon corresponds to a time when hay is harvested from the fields. In Anglo-Saxon times, this moon was referred to as the Wort moon, as this was when medicinal herbs and plants were harvested.

To connect to the energy of the Hay moon, fill up a pouch with Valerian herbs. Place a rutilated quartz crystal inside the pouch and tie it closed with string. Hold onto the pouch on the night of the hay moon and ask for guidance to make your dreams come true. Place the pouch under your pillow and sleep with it there throughout the Hay full moon phase.

Colors associated with the Hay moon are gold, green and orange. Crystals to use for Hay moon rituals are apricot moonstone and fire opal. These can be combined with rose or lemon essential oils to enhance the power.

Apricot moonstone can aid in manifesting rituals during the Hay full moon. Connected to the sacral chakra, apricot moonstone is the center for new ideas to be formed. It can also help your to gather energy from the universe required for intention setting.


The Corn Moon

The Corn Moon occurs at corn harvesting time. It is associated with the crystal carnelian. This deep orange stone nourishes your by pulling energy into the aura field, Just as we sustain the physical body by enjoying the results of a bountiful harvest, so too must we nourish the energy body.

The Corn moon is about enjoying the fruits of our labor due to the efforts put in. Carnelian helps to encourage joyful activities related to the sacral chakra such as dancing or sex. Taking part in these pleasurable activities helps to recharge your energy body.

When performing Corn full moon rituals, use chamomile or lemongrass essential oils to heighten the experience. Carnelian and aventurine crystals also amplify your results.

Reconnect to the energy of the Corn moon, write on a piece of paper any desires that your may have for the future of your spiritual journey. Bundle up this note with a piece of carnelian crystal and some dried cedar. Tie it with string. When your are ready to use your spiritual power, open the bundle and burn the cedar whilst feeling gratitude for all that your have in life at this present moment.


The Harvest Moon

This moon is associated with harvesting time. The light of the full moon allows farmers to work through the night harvesting their crops. Also, known as the singing moon, as people would sing in celebration at the completed crop harvest.

To connect to the Harvest moon, fill up a basket with symbols of harvest such as, apples, grains, leaves, corn and coins. Add a citrine or jade crystal and a few drops of clary sage essential oil to the basket. Visualize your mind and body being nourished by the fresh harvest. Feel the gratitude of the blessing of food. Place the basket into your kitchen. Every time your eat from the basket give blessings to the Harvest moon.

Colors representative of the Harvest moon are brown, orange and yellow. The jade crystal is a perfect companion to this full moon as it signifies wealth, nourishment and good fortune. The fruits of your labor will nourish your body, soul and mind. Jade enables your energy reserves to store in your auric field.


The Hunters Moon

This moon is named so as it occurs during the hunting season. Every three years, the Hunter’s Moon is also the Harvest Moon. Traditionally, people in the Northern Hemisphere spent the month of October preparing for the coming winter by hunting, slaughtering and preserving meats for use as food. This led to October’s Full Moon being called the Hunters Moon, Dying Grass Moon, and Blood Moon.

When performing rituals during a Hunters moon, choose blood stone or pink tourmaline as your crystals to work with. Combine these with sandalwood essential oil for a more powerful outcome.

Bloodstone is a dark green crystal with red marks which resemble blood stains. It connects your to your primal self, allowing your to focus on your most basic needs. This enables your to nourish your physical body through eating and sleeping.

To connect with the Hunters moon, collect some red leaves from outside and bring them into your sacred space as a reminder of the changing seasons. Write down a list of self care attitudes which can feed your physical body. Place a blood stone crystal on top of the leaves. Each time your look at them, action one of the self care attitudes from your list.




The Snow Moon

The Snow moon is named as it is at the time of the year when the snow falls. Colors associated with this full moon are gold, indigo and white. It signifies detachment and spirituality.

To connect with the Snow moon, place a white candle into your sacred space. Hold a clear quartz crystal in your hand to aid connection to spirit. Close your eyes and allow any sensations, thoughts and feelings that may be negative to leave your body. Bring your attention to what is left. This is how your connect to spirit.

Clear quartz crystal helps to create mental clarity. It allows your to step into a realm of consciousness to see through the illusion of living in duality as a physical and spiritual being. Working with clear quartz during a Snow moon helps your to understand the importance of detachment and to incorporate spiritual lessons into daily life. It reminds your that your are a spiritual being. It helps your to see that beyond life problems and the egos thoughts, your can get into perspective the view of your true authentic self.


The Cold Moon

The Cold moon is named as it occurs in the depths of winter when it is freezing cold. Also, known as the Oak moon by modern Pagans because it is the time of the Lord, which is symbolic of an oak tree.

Colors associated with the Cold moon are black, indigo and silver. When doing full moon rituals in Decembers full moon, burn Melissa essential oil and use lapis lazuli crystal.

Lapis lazuli is known for its spiritual connection between physical and spiritual body. It helps your to uncover your shadow self, the part of yourself that your keep hidden away. Although the shadow self is often ignored, consciously working with it brings positive personal growth. Lapis lazuli will help your to tap into your shadow self and take the journey of self discovery.

On the night of the Cold moon, get a goblet, a container of water and a lapis lazuli crystal. Identify any emotions or patterns your would like to release and pour some water into the goblet. Once it’s full hold your crystal in your hand whilst considering what the goblet represents to your. It is a Vessel filled with emotion and patterns.when your ready, release them by tossing the water from the goblet onto the earth.

The Blue Moon

In the 16th century, instead of saying ” pigs would fly”, people said, “when the moon is blue”. As time went by, the Blue Moon became known as the 4th full moon in a season, which occurred every 19, as time has evolved, the Blue Moon is referred to the second full moon in a month.

Blue Lace Agate and Rainbow moonstone are the perfect crystals to connect to a Blue Moon. Combined with sage essential oil, these tools can amplify any ritual performed during this time.

Spontaneity and surprise are key components during a blue moon phase. Blue Lace Agate allows spirit to guide your at this time. Blue Lace Agate reminds your to feel the courage inside to embark on new adventures, even if they seem challenging at the time.

To connect with the Blue Moon, light a blue candle. Hold a blue lace agate in your hand and begin to stare at it.allow your gaze to soften as your mind wanders off onto a journey your would like to take. Allow your mind to drift and let the universe guide your on your journey. Immerse yourself into the experience. Enjoy. When your feel ready, open your eyes and blow out the candle. Now put into action over the next month before the next full moon your have made a start onto this new venture.

Now that your have some insight into the reasons behind the modern moon names and how to interact with their energies, your will begin to see how they mimic natural cycles and why it’s important to live in harmony with these rhythms. You will also create a deeper connection with your crystals whilst performing regular rituals. This will help your to come into alignment with your physical and spiritual body simultaneously.

If your know of any other modern moon names, their origins or rituals to connect to their Luna energy, please comment and share below.

Much love