““Each of the seven chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and well-being in our lives and in the world.”Deepak Chopra 

The journey through the chakras can be seen as a reflection of our personal journey of growth and self-awareness. As we grow and develop, the focus of our life incorporates the energy of each chakra.

To harness the energy of each chakra is to fully integrate each chakra into your life.

What do the chakras represent

Root Chakra – Survival Instincts – Color Red

The first chakra represents our survival instincts, such as do we have enough food, shelter, money to survive. It is the very base of our existence. As humans, our strongest instinct is survival, so until we are confident that these basic necessities are in place, we will constantly drive our actions to attain them.

It is important to recognize that these basic needs are constantly under threat to us, from events such as losing our job or marriage breakup. Our instinct to survive will always kick in when needed.

In ancient days, mans purpose revolved mainly around the root chakra. Hunting, gathering and finding shelter where the most important life factors and all energies were focused to this area.

Sacral Chakra – Pleasures, Desires, Creation – Color Orange

Our second chakra is concerned with desires, sexuality and creating. How the energy is developed in this chakra can dictate whether we deprive ourselves of pleasures, or overindulge forming addictions.

Maintaining balance in the sacral chakra means we neither under nor over indulge in pleasures that may be detrimental to our health. When balanced, we feel ourselves able to express our sexuality in an empowering way and are able to create in work and play.

The sacral energy became more focused when man learnt to live in a community, rather than surviving alone.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Relating to the world around us – Color Yellow

Our sense of personal power, without holding power over others, is derived from our solar plexus chakra.

When this chakra is opened and balanced, comes the realization that we have power over our lives. Though we cannot control all events that happen in our life, we can shape our future in the right direction.

We neither seek to overpower or allow others to dis empower us. We are able to step past feeling like a victim of our circumstances and change our perception of ourselves with positive attitudes.

The world is still in the third chakra. Unfortunately, conflicts of power resulting in violence and war are still occurring between some countries.

Heart Chakra – Love – Color Green

When we are able to take responsibility for our own actions, we can then express love without being motivated by our own needs and desires.

The heart chakra relates to love in the terms of sexual expression, causing us to give and receive love without anybody needing to feel worthy.

When we open and balance this chakra, we are able to recognize that forgiveness is the key. Holding onto hurt and bad feelings gets no one anywhere.

Our belief changes to that of unconditional love for all around us.

Throat Chakra – Communication – Color Blue

In order to communicate effectively we must posses empathy. This way we can truly listen to another person and receive what they are trying to say.

We cannot effectively listen if we are drowning in our own thoughts whilst another person is talking. We need to be able to speak our truth without fear of judgment or negative responses.

When the throat chakra is opened and balanced, we are able to hear and be heard without feelings of hurt, shame or guilt.

When out of balance, others may see us as self-righteous, arrogant and ignorant.

Third Eye Chakra – Imagination and Inspiration – Color Indigo

The gift of the third eye chakra is our ability to tune into our intuition. We all have the ability to use our sixth sense or gut feeling. In modern days, our teachings are based upon facts, making it harder for people to naturally tune into their own intuitive gift.

When balanced, our third eye chakra gives us the ability to put aside westernized beliefs and listen to our inner voice, our intuition, and make decisions based upon this.

Crown Chakra – Knowledge and Spiritual enlightenment – Color violet

When our crown chakra is out of balance it can cause us to act in a manic way, sometimes expressing a drive to collect material possessions and material wealth. We can become lost in life with no feeling of direction. This can result in a person feeling a sense of lack in personal power.

Once balanced, the crown chakra leads us to a blissful state of inner peace. Our realization that we are connected to all things shines through.

We become able to recognize patterns and behaviors within ourselves that are negative and destructive, and have the ability to release them.


It is important to remember that the chakras are constantly interacting with each other. Although the energy is always moving through the chakras, the vitality of each chakra can lesson if one or more is out of balance.

There are many exercises, meditations and healing techniques which can be used to keep the chakras balanced, which aim to keep them flowing freely and operating as a whole.

When our chakras are running at optimal levels, our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is in turn working to full capacity.

In my next post I will be sharing some exercises and meditations that you can use to open and balance your 7 chakras.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about what the 7 chakras represent. If you have any questions or perhaps would like to share a personal experience, please leave a comment below.

Much Love