Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of 2 events linked by meaning. So what is the meaning of synchronicity spiritually? It is the universes way of communicating and connecting with us.

What is the meaning of synchronicity?

Synchronities can look like what we know as coincidence. For example, you may turn on the radio and the song you were singing in your head is playing, or you may be thinking of a friend and then they suddenly call you. Spiritually, there is no such thing as coincidence. Generally speaking, synchronicity is the universes way of letting you know that it has your back.

This communication is to show us that the path we are heading down is the right choice for us at the present moment in time, a gentle push in the right direction. Synchronities can guide us away from going in the wrong direction which would cause us harm and not aid our growth or life path. You will find that you begin to notice these signs from the universe at times when you face decision-making or change.

Once you begin to notice these signs, they will start to present themselves more and more often in your life. Always take a moment to think about what is happening in your life at the time of seeing these signs to decipher what message the universe is trying to guide you through.

Synchronicities can show up as symbols or patterns. This can be through dreams. Start a journal to take notes of your dreams and any symbols, patterns animals or people that may show up in them. It’s always best to journal your dreams as soon as you wake up, trying not to move your body around too much, as the more awake that you become, the more that your dream will fade from memory.

More commonly, synchronicities show up as repeated number sequences. Repeating numbers are also known as, “angel numbers”.

If you begin to notice repeated numbers showing up in your life, take a note of the numbers. This could be that you happen to look at the time and it is 11.11am and then later its 1.11pm, on the same day and then you might start to notice that everyday you find yourself glancing at the time at exactly this number sequence. It could show up on car number plates, door numbers or in telephone numbers. These repeating numbers are the universes way of getting your attention and connecting with you to guide you or deliver a message.

Lets have a look at some of the common repeating number sequences and their meanings.

What is angel number 1111? Seeing 1111 show up is quite common when you first start to notice repeating numbers. These numbers will show up in patterns and are the universes way of reassuring you that you are exactly where you should be at the precise moment in time. When 1111 shows up in your life, take time to show gratitude for everything that is in your life. As you know, everything that you direct out into the universe comes back to you. This number pattern is communicating this message to you.

What is angel number 2222? In numerology, the number 2 means relationships. Seeing the numbers 2222 repeatedly could mean that you need to take time to focus on the relationships that you have with others, or even with yourself. They are reminding you to take care of yourself on a spiritual level, by way of practising a ritual you may enjoy such as meditation or crystal work. Take notice of what has been happening within your relationships with others. This may be a sign to reconnect you with a lost love, or that new love is on its way to you.

What is angel number 3333? The numbers 3333 in repetition, are a reminder to you that the universe has unconditional love and support for you. Your spirit guides are around you and they want you to know that they are protecting you. You may ask questions to your guides when you see the number 3, for any signs or guidance that you feel you may need. Often the 3,s are the universes way to communicate that you have made the right decision.

What is angel number 4444? When 4444 presents itself repeatedly, this is a sign for you to step up your spiritual practices. You may have been feeling heightened intuition or stronger energetic vibrations within. This is a great time to take action and learn how to use some divination tools such as tarot cards, or begin to develop a connection to the power of crystals. Trust in your sixth sense when you see the numbers 4444.

What is angel number 5555? The number 5 when seen in repeatition, communicates that a big change is about to happen in your life. In numerology, number 5 indicates, ‘moving on”. Let go of the past. This is a time for personal growth and manifestation. Set goals and visualise them coming into fruition.

What is angel number 6666? These repeating numbers are the universe conveying to you that its time for some self love. Treat yourself, make time for yourself and be kind to yourself.

What is angel number 7777? When you see the 7,s in repeated patterns, this is the universe rewarding you for all of the hard work that you have done. Gifts are making their way to you, luck is on your side and abundance flows.

What is angel number 8888? In numerology, 8 represents, business and finances. This is a sign that a shift in energy is coming your way, be it financial, emotional or personal empowerment. The universe is connecting with you to reassure you to keep on in the right direction and push on through, whatever the obstacles.

What is angel number 9999? Number 9 in numerology represents completion. The synchronicity is to remind you to remiove any stagnant energy or negativity from your life. It is a time for closure and cutting cords with anything which is holding you back.

What is angel number 0000? The 0,s represent new beginnings. It is time to set new intentions. You are being reminded that you agree vibrating at a higher frequency and to watch out for universal signs of guidance to help you move forward. You will start to notice more symbols, have visions and be more in tune with your intuition.

So now if someone asks you, what is a synchronicity, you will be able to offer some insight to the ways in which this signs put themselves infront of us in our lives, the universe is always trying to connect with us to let us know that we are loved and supported.

Much love