The Waning Crescent moon is the very last phase of the Luna cycle, where the light of the moon appears to be getting smaller and smaller. It is a time to destroy what is stagnant and no longer serves you. A time when things can be cast away, let go of and released. It is a time for insights to be gained and to let go of negative emotions.

So, what is a waning crescent? The days of the waning moon are referred to as the third quarter. It is when the moon is growing smaller in the sky. This occurs after the full moon and before the new moon. Energies are reduced, like a dimming light globe. It is an excellent time to perform spells with purpose of intention to get rid of all that no longer is in alignment with your life purpose. The waning crescent is the most powerful time to give up bad habits or addictions. Use this time to combat limiting beliefs.


Lettig go of emotions opens the doorway for forgiveness. Whether this be for yourself or forgiveness of others, forgiveness is more effortless during the waning moon phase. The power of this cycle helps to guide you from feelings of blame and self-pity into feelings of compassion and tolerance.

Allow yourself time to reflect and feel your feelings, then surrender and release negativity. In order to have new beginnings, we must first discard of old, unhealthy habits. Distance yourself from people who do not align with your purpose or who challenge your peace of mind unnecessarily. Clear out physical, emotional and spiritual clutter so a to be ready to accept and embrace new challenges and success.

Slow Down

During the waning crescent moon phase, we are given the opportunity to stop rushing and to slow down. Too often we forget about ourselves in our quest to please others. This can result in is becoming overwhelmed, overworked and under- rested.

Schedule some time for yourself to relax and unwind. Sit quietly and peacefully in nature. Use tour senses to take in the surrounding beauty, the smell of the trees, the grass, the fragrance of the flowers. Release lives stresses into the air above.

As the moon wanes, it’s light gets smaller in the sky. Allow your emotions to do the same. Let go of harmful self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors.

Start a Journal

One way to release toxic energies is to write a journal. Set out your journal into moon phase sections. A waning moon phase journal can pose the following questions,

_ What energies can I let go of?

_ What can I do in my daily life to help me release negative energy

_ What goals do I want to set for myself during this moon phase?

Write your journal free style during the light of the waning crescent moon, either sitting beneath the moon or inside at your window, to gain the full benefits of the Luna energy.

Start out by writing whatever comes to mind. When you have finished this continue onto another topic until you have run out of thoughts to write and your mind has emptied. If nothing comes to mind them simply write, ” I feel as though I have nothing more to say”.

Remove energy vampires

Energy vampires are people who drain your essence. They seek out your energy to replenish their own. This is done by way of putting upon you arguments, complaints and general negative attitudes which leave you feeling tired and drained of energy. Often, people do not realise that they are doing this to you. It is easy to say stay away from these types of people, but in reality it’s not that easy. What we can do instead is to protect our energy from this type of situation and repel away from is these types of people.

When we think about the types of people that take our energy and the things that they say or do, we are giving meaning to that energy therefore amplifying it. The best thing to do is to shift your thought process to pinpoint the good about these people rather than the bad. Try to turn all negativity into positively where ever possible in your life. It is amazing the influence you can have when you are in sync with the waning crescent .

The Wind of Change Spell


A spell to make changes in your life. Think carefully about where you want this change to come from. This could be letting go of trauma or toxic relationships, Improving your finances, getting a better job or losing weight.

This spell is best cast on a waning crescent phase, preferably a windy night. It must be cast outside.


5 meter long cords( satin or silk ribbon or cord)

An orange candle

A tree that you can sit beneath or stand next too when you cast the spell.


Cast a circle and welcome the positive energies of the universe and of the waning crescent moon.

Light the orange candle and say out loud,

” I call upon the element of air to bring the winds of change to my life! I call upon the energies of Autumn to help transform my life with grace, ease and open-heartedness. Positive change is what I seek, please assist me!”

Hold the cords in your right hand and say out loud,

” Look! I bring cords that represent the changes I ask. They will be playing in the wind and signifying the changes I seek. I am ready! Her is what I wish for: ( now state what you want to change in your life, one wish for each of the 5 cords, tying each cord to the tree branch as you speak)

Then, when all are attached, say,

” I am ready! May the changes be underway or completed by the time winter comes! May I be reminded of all the good that will come from my changes and how I will now be able to move forward with anticipation and full possibility!.”

Thank the energies that have assisted you and blow out the candle.

The next time that you hear someone ask, ” What is a waning crescent?” , be sure to point them in the right direction and share this new gained knowledge with them.

” Release what no longer serves you and embrace new beginnings.”

Much Love