Crystal light therapy is a holistic form.of healing, using 7 quartz crystals and colored lights. The treatment involves shining pulses of colored light through the crystals onto the 7 chakras of the body.

What is Crystal light therapy?

Highly refined quartz crystals energetically clear and enhance the energy of the body. When each Crystal is enhanced with a colored light which corresponds with the associated chakra, the crystals become more targeted and deliver their energetic properties. The aim of this is to unblock and balance the chakra system, leaving you feeling in harmony, allowing your bodies natural healing process to take over. Our chakra system can become blocked due to physical illness or mental ailments. When this happens, we begin to feel out of balance and out of sorts mentally.

Originated from the theories of scientist,” Marcel Vogel”, Crystal light therapy involves a client laying down on a bed whilst the machine above shines colored lights through the 7 quartz crystals onto the chakras. When the body vibrates at the same frequency as the crystals, this puts the chakra energy fields back into balance, which allows the body to heal itself. This treatment last around 45 minutes and upon your therapist recommendation, should be repeated weekly or monthly until the ailments have been healed. The cost is approx $120 per session.

What can be treated with Crystal light therapy?

There are many ailments that can be treated with Crystal light therapy. For example,

hormonal imbalances’

creativity flow

low levels of energy

symptoms of anxiety and depression

poor sleep patterns

mental clarity

Crystal light therapy can also be used to increase levels of intuition and spirituality and even help to lose weight.

What to expect at your session

Once you have found a reputable therapist, you will be given an appointment and asked to attend wearing white or light colored clothing. The therapist will ask you a series of questions to determine what areas of your body need to be healed. Next your therapist will prepare a treatment plan for you setting out how many Treatments will require. Then you’re healing treatment will commence.

You will be asked to lay down on a crystal embedded bed with a heat pad beneath the sheets and a machine attached to the side which controls the crystal lights and vibration settings. You will be given an eye mask to wear and a set of headphones. Then you lay back and relax as Bineral beats play through the headphones, the crystals colored lights shine down from above the bed onto your body and vibrations pulse through the mattress.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Many people who have had Crystal light therapy, report the feeling to be of immense relaxation and deep peace, similar to that after meditation.

This relaxed state is where the body can begin to heal itself.

If you are interested in Crystal light therapy, you will find several reputable therapist in your local business pages.

If you have received crystal light therapy and would like to share your views with us, please feel free to leave any comments below.

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