Everyone has natural intuitive ability, so it’s not a question of whether you have it or not – it’s a question of how open you are to using it. People who focus on developing their psychic awareness on a daily basis develop their abilities faster and become more spiritually aware. This in turn increases their sense of overall well – being, confidence and self – esteem. They naturally make much wiser decisions and choices in their life by being fully aware that they can trust their intuitive skills to give them answers to all sorts of difficult situations.

What is my psychic ability.

We all possess psychic abilities, which are referred to as the “clairsenses”. There are eight different “clairs” which I will illustrate below. Everybody has the ability to tap.into their intuition and use one or more of these clairsenses. Some people are attuned to just one sense and others can access multiple senses.

The Eight Clairsenses

1) Clairvoyance ( Clear seeing)

This is the most well-known of the clairsenses. It is the ability to see images through the minds eye. These visions can be in the form of images, colors, symbols, auras, spirits or any other energy types.

People who are clairvoyant, generally steer towards divination techniques that rely on symbols, such as tarot cards and tea-leaf reading.

To work out if you possess clairvoyance, see if 3 or more of the below sentences describe you.

– you have very good visual skills

– you learn by watching others

– you enjoy images that are pleasing to the eye.

– you can quickly find small objects on the floor or small pebbles on the beach.

– you identify people by color or you see flashes of color from the corner of your eyes when people walk by.

2.) Claircognizance ( Clear knowing)

Being claircognizant means that information is given by an unknown source. Becoming suddenly aware of something can trigger feelings or other sensations. These emotions are caused because of the information not because they are a part of the information.

If you display 3 or more of these traits you may be claircognizant.

– you experience sudden moments of clarity

– you prefer talking with a purpose or debating rather than small talk

– you like to experience new things

– when you think of someone you most likely then run into them

– you know what you want and make fast decisions

3.) Clairaudience ( Clear hearing)

Clairaudience is the capability of receiving an intuitive vocal message from the world of spirits or a higher being. Clairaudient people can extend their hearing to transcend the everyday physical world and the known level of awareness, in order to reach the world beyond. clairaudient are highly intuitive people who are able to listen to a voice other than their own when the spirit world transmits a message to them.

People who are clairaudient perceive extra sensory sounds, words or noises. These sounds don’t come from a recognizable source, but usually provide information that then triggers other thoughts.

If you posses 3 or more of these traits you may be clairaudient.

– you love music and singing

– you easily remember voices and rhythms

– you learn quickly by listening to someone explain to you

– you enjoy paying attention to the sounds arund you and often focus on one sound or conversation that doesnt involve you.

– you enjoy working with music

– you usually remember the conversation when meeting new people.

4.) Clairsentience ( Clear feeling)

This is one of the more common of the clair senses. People with this are called ” Sentients” It is linked to intuition. Clairsentients are able to feel information physically. They experience all ranges of emotions from good to bad, pain to pleasure, happiness and sadness.

Do any of the sentences below describe you?

– do you sometimes experience feelings that are not related to your present situation

– you avoid crowded places

– your mood is sometimes affected depending on who you are with

– when someone you love is in pain you feel there pain

– your memories are related to your feeelings more than physical experiences

5.) Clairtangency ( Clear touching)

This is also known as “pyschometery”. It is the ability to receive information about an item or a life by touching it. This clair sense is usually linked to others. By touching something it triggers receiving knowledge, but the information is usually presented as sound, images or smells.

Do you posses any 3 of these traits?

– you prefer physical shopping over online shopping

– you learn faster by doing things yourself than you do by seeing others do it or listening to them explain it to you

-you prefer finished objects as second hand ones often give you an odd feeling.

– objects in museums always transmit some kind of energy to you

– you can say whether the past owners of a house where happy or unhappy just by entering the property

6.) Clairalience ( Clear smelling)

People with clairalience will receive information through smells without using there physical nose. This means that even if you are breathing through your mouth, the smell will be clear and strong in your mind. Others around you wont be able to smell it. Most commonly, perfume, foods and flowers are smelt.

Have you ever found yourself experiencing any of the following traits

– smells trigger forgotten memories

– you can remember the smell of peoples perfume who you have just met.

– you identify spices, people ansd places by smell

– bad feelings are usually associated with smell

– you can smell the rain before it rains.

7.) Clairgustance ( Clear tasting)

This means that you can suddenly taste something for no reason. When a higher entity contacts us through clairgustance, it usually expresses its message through a flavour that you can relate too. Most commonly noted flavours are foods and beverages.

Do you have any 3 of the following traits?

– you can taste smells

– you can recall what you ate after a trip or holiday

– you get cravings which cause you to remember an event

– flavours easily trigger memories

– when you have a feeling about something it reminds you of an unpleasant taste similar to tasting blood.

8.) Clairempathy ( Clear emotion)

These people are called empaths. They can sense and feel emotions of others. The difference between empaths and sentients is that empaths can sense an emotion and sentients can feel it. Empaths are sensitive people who need alot of protection to prevent energy overload.

If you can relate to 3 or more of the statements below you may be a clairempath.

– you get easily overwhelmed when in a crowded place

– peoople seek your emotional advise, which leaves you feeling worn out.

– you deeply dislike violent or tragic movies or tv shows.

– people often feel calm in your presence

– you can easily tell how another person is feeling.

Which one are you?

Now that you have a better understanding of the 8 clairsenses, its time to work out where your psychic ability strengths lie. Ask yourself the questions and answer honestly. You may find that you resonate with more than one of the clairs. This is quite normal.

Before working on strengthening  your abilities, it is important that you are well grounded and that your chakras are clear and unblocked. Please refer to my article on chakras for more information on clearing the chakra system.

I hope that you have fun working out which clair you resonate with.

Much love