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What is the Definition of Aura

Humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects all have an aura. So, what is the definition of aura? An aura is an energetic, electromagnetic field, or atmosphere that surrounds all things. The human aura is an energy field, seen as a luminous body of colours around your physical body. Imagine a three-dimensional atmosphere surrounding your body and this is the aura.

The human aura is made up of seven layers, each with a distinct purpose and meaning. Each layer is said to express a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Your aura is a part of a system called the “subtle energy body”.

We are energy

Science has shown us that all things are made up of energy. There are energies that cannot be seen by the naked eye, including infrared light, sound waves and electromagnetic fields. Because w e are all composed of the same atoms, all things living or not have auras.

Your aura, or energy field, is the first thing that introduces you to another person. Before you shake hands, hug or greet someone, the energy of your aura will meet the energy of the other persons’ aura. This aura exchange is why you sometimes feel things about people before you know or even speak to them.

The subtle energy body

There are 7 chakras which run through our body, from the crown to the root chakra. Within the subtle energy body is the Nadis. The Nadis are energy pathways within your body that help connect the subtle energy body and keep life force moving.

The subtle energy body has three main nadis, Ida, which runs along the left side of your spine and is associated with feminine energy, Pingala, which runs along the right side of your spine and is associated with male energy and Sushumna, which runs along the center of your spine and passes through each chakra from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

Purpose of the human aura

Your aura is a direct connection with your soul, or higher self. Your higher self contains all of the information about your life purpose. Being able to access this information will help you to better understand your reason for being here on earth. This energy formation can be found through working with the energy of your aura.

Your aura keeps you alive! Similar to the circulatory system, your aura is part of a more extensive energy system within your body. These energy systems connect to create the subtle energy body and affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your aura connects to your physical body. Whatever is going on in your body will present itself in your aura. If you are sick, this will show up in your aura. This is because the aura is a mirror of your inner body. It is a powerful tool for understanding and healing yourself.

The aura also offers protection. Your skin on the physical body does this also but its permeable, your aura is the same. Your energy field can help to deflect negative energy. Remember times that you have felt drained by being around certain people? This is when your energy has been drained by people known as ” energy vampires” You can learn how to protect your energy from these types of people.

How do we know that auras really exist?

Can people see auras? Do auras really exist? Some people do not believe that they do. This is because it is hard to believe in something that is not visible to most people.

Science has founded a condition known as Synesthesia, which is where people can see different colours or letters around people. This is the closest that science has come to recognizing auras to be real.

In 1935, Semyon Kirlian discovered a technique known as Kirlian photography, which captures the energy surrounding people or objects. This energy is shown as colorful energy fields surrounding the subjects. Some say that this is not the aura but merely photography affected by moisture.

The best way to find out if auras are real is to find out for yourself! Experience your own aura. !!!

What is the Purpose of the Aura

Auras perform the following functions:

– Protect and shield the subtle energy body


– Assist with psychic communication


– Provide access to past life information


– Contains information about the life purpose


– Support and mirror your physical body




The Auric Field


Every aura is entirely different, but they all share one thing in common, being the seven layers. Each of these seven layers has a specific meaning and purpose. The size and colour of each layer will vary greatly depending upon your emotional, physical and spiritual health. It impossible to have a very thin auric field, or to have an aura that can span up to several feet out of your body.

Each layer connects with one of the seven chakras. Your chakra system communicates with your aura and helps dictate the colours within it. Balanced and open chakras will have a large glowing aura. In order to improve the quality of the aura, you must have a healthy chakra system.

So what are the seven layers in the aura representative of?

1, Etheric Body

The layer of the etheric body is the closest aura layer to the physical body. This layer corresponds to the root chakra and represents your connection to the physical world. This is the first layer which people see when learning how to see the aura. It is generally thin around 1 to 2 inches from the body, and either white, light blue or gray in colour.


2, Emotional Body

Your emotional body is the second layer of your aura and usually the most colorful. It corresponds to your Sacral chakra and depicts your emotions. This layer and the next five layers are much harder to see with the naked eye. The emotional body layer will change colour dependent upon your mood.


3, Mental Body

Your mental body is the third layer of your aura. It corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra. This relates to everything that has to do with your mind and thinking. For those of us who use our minds a lot, this layer will appear bigger and brighter.


4, Astral Body

The Astral body is the layer which corresponds to the heart chakra. This is the bridge between the spirit realm and your soul. This layer is often referred to as ” the bridge layer”.

It is for communication between the physical world and the spirit world. This is also the layer that will connect most deeply with the auras of other people in your life.

5, Etheric Template

Your Etheric template is the fifth layer of your aura. It corresponds to the throat chakra. This layer contains information which is a replica of your physical body. It is accessible through sound, music and singing.

6, Celestial Body


Your Celestial body is the sixth layer off your aura, corresponding to the third eye chakra. Your subconscious mind dwells within the energy of this layer. This energy field also can access the higher self- soul and spirit realm. It is accessible through meditation.

7, Casual Body or Ketheric Template


The seventh layer of the aura is associated with the crown chakra. This layer contains information about your past lives and your soul purpose for this lifetime. It is accessible through deep meditation work and focusing on the crown chakra. This is your direct connection to the source energy…The universe.


It is very unusual for people to be able to see all seven layers of the aura. Even professional aura readers cannot see all the seven layers. This is why it is good to experience and learn other ways to access the aura other than visually. This can be done through feeling auras intuitively.

I hope that you enjoy this explanation of the human aura. Feel free to leave any comments or share any aura stories below.

Much love