All about the Moon phases for magic

The phases of the moon are dedicated to working with various energies, the Waxing moon to create, the Full moon to complete, the Waning moon to relinquish and the Dark of the New moon to readjust.

Before actioning your moon work, ask yourself these questions…. Do you truly believe? Is what you are asking for at the top of your manifesting list?

You must put time and dedication into maintaining a daily relationship with the moon before commencing moon work, to be in alignment with her lunar energies.

What are you currently needing or desiring? What are your intentions and priorities?

You must be sure before you call upon the moon of the difference between what you want and what you need.

Desire or Want

Lunar energy can help you to achieve your desires or needs and these can manifest when you least expect it so be careful what you wish for!!

When you think about the terms” want”and “desire” consider their meanings.

A desire is when you think that something is missing from your life. Be sure that your desires are of importance to your life right now.

A Ritual to Clarify your Desires

Perform this ritual during the Waxing moon to establish your desires.

You will need…

1 red candle

Pen, paper and journal book


1) Light the red candle, relax and think about what “desire” means to you.

2) Write a list of things that you desire.

3) Narrow this list down to just ONE big desire.

4) Beneath the list write this…

” My most pressing desire right now is ……”

Once you have established what you desire, you now need to work out what you want in your life right now.

A need or want is different to a desire. It’s a neccesity in life for your personal comfort or sense of belonging and feeling content. Needs must be met to make us feel comfortable within ourselves.

Take another piece of paper and this time write a list of your needs. For example, more money, better health, your soul mate. You must be very specific with this as the moon does not know how much of a thing you actually want, so if its money then say exactly how much money you want or need.

Decide which is the greatest need and choose just that one.

Then write this….” My most essential need is …..”

You are now clear on what you desire and what you need. Voice this to the moon to manifest your intentions with her lunar energy. She will listen to you and enrich your life in whatever way she can.

Moon Work Rituals

A Spell for each phase of the moon…….

Waxing Moon Rituals

For the Waxing moon we shall look at a spell to develop a personal relationship into something deeper and more committed.

Wish for a Commitment

1) Although there is no guarantee that someone will respond the same way as you do, make it clear that you are committed to your promise as you say these words, I wish dear moon, to commit myself to the one I love, and they to me, please let it be

2) Write this down in your journal to seal your intention.

By the next Waxing moon you will have what you asked for, if you truly believe in magic.

Full Moon Rituals

Pledge Wish

This is to confirm your intentions to the one you hope to impress, revealing both your commitment and theirs.

Draw a pentagram on a piece of paper. Write your own name in each of the five star points. In the center of the pentagram, write your lovers name.

Stand outside under the light of the Full moon. Hold up the paper towards the moon and say this….

” Thankyou goddess of the moon, fulfill my desire and let it be, direct his/her love only to me, this is my wish so note it be.”

Write your pledge into your journal to seal your intention. Within the next lunar cycle you will know if your intended commitment is going to work.

Waning Moon Rituals

A spell to banish relationship negativity

You will need…..

Paper and pen

2 Black candles

A moonstone or selenite crystal

1) Draw a large triangle with equal sides on your paper, with one point facing North. Place one candle at each point and then light them.2) Place the crystal of your choice into the middle of the triangle.

3) Beneath the triangle write the following….

” Take three of one and one of three, to end all negativity, by candles black and moonstone pure, I leave behind all things unsure, With banished darkness all be gone, The lunar change brings all things won “

4) Once written, say the spell out loud then close your eyes and focus on the crystal for a few minutes.

5) Blow out the candles but leave them and the triangle in place until the New Crescent Waxing moon phase, to restore positive energies.

New Moon Rituals – For the Dark of the New Moon

Spell for letting go of emotional baggage

You will need…..

The main entrance of your home

3 pieces of Aquamarine

3 pieces of Turquoise

A black candle

1) In your entrance, either on a table or on the floor, position the 3 aquamarine crystals in the shape of an equilateral triangle. Add the 3 pieces of turquoise as another triangle crossing over the first to create a 6 point star.

2) Light the candle and place it into the middle of the star and then repeat the following words…..

” To let go of the past, all that is bad, Oh lunar goddess, Empower me with grace and all that is glad”

3) Close your eyes and imagine the emotional baggage piled up in your entrance. Then open your eyes to see that their is none there. It has all gone.

4) If you still feel overwhelmed or have emotional upset or regrets, repeat this spell during the next Dark of the New moon phase. It will work, but it requires faith….like all spells do.

I hope that you enjoy working with these lunar rituals. Remember the power of magic is to BELIEVE!!!!

Much Love